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3 Search Optimization Methods for 2018

Are your clients optimizing search enough to be one of the first businesses consumers find during their searches?

More Social Sites May Reveal Commenter Identities

Marketers appreciate and even encourage consumers to post positive comments about them on social media and review sites. The consumer practice of checking these comments and relying on them to make purchase decisions is widespread. But what happens when individuals try to manipulate a marketer with negative comments? David Streitfield covered this topic recently in a New York Times post and shows how some social sites may be forced to reveal the identity of reviewers as part of First Amendment Rights consideration. This trend has big implications for the way marketers and service providers handle consumer identity.

SMBs Putting More Money into Yelp

Earlier this year, Boston Consulting Group studied the digital marketing practices of small and medium size (SMBs). The analysts concluded that SMBs can generate significant revenue from their investment in Yelp. A new study from Nielsen shows that courting Yelp users and their reviews is a solid strategy for marketers.