Target Marketing to Online Shoppers by Life Stage

Is there a way to predict which consumers like online shopping and will spend the most? Acxiom Corp., via its Personicx Consumer Dynamics Study, thinks it might have answers for marketers. And it may comes as a surprise that the best predictors are not income and age. 627114_suburban_street

Here are the brief demographic profiles for several consumer groups who spend more than average when it comes to online shopping:

  • Hard-​Chargers – Members of this group are between the ages of 30–45. They tend to be single, with no children and live either in the suburbs or cities.
  • Established Elites – Members of this group average in age between 46–65. Whether they are married or single, these consumers typically have no children and tend to live in or close to cities.
  • Summit Estates – Members of this group are between the ages of 36–55, married with children and live close to or in cities.
  • Shooting Stars – Members of this group, married or single, are 30–45 years old, without children and live in cities or suburbs.

One common denominator for the consumers Acxiom identifies as  ‘committed online spenders’  or those who spent at least $1,000 online in the past year  seems to be the lack of children in the household. Also, Acxiom analysts caution that younger consumers who have grown up with the Internet are likely be ‘committed online spenders’ but may not yet have income levels to support large purchases.  According to Acxiom, marketers can reach online consumers by first target shopping behavior and then targeting life stage.

[Source: Using a consumer’s life stage to predict online spending, Internet Retailer, 9.10.09]
Kathy Crosett
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