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Optional Assessment at No Additional Charge:
SalesFuel Sales Acumen Assessment
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  • Four Fits™ Report
  • Behavioral Interview Questions
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Comprehensive Profiles for Team Members, Managers and Job Candidates:

Optional Assessments Included:
SalesFuel Sales Acumen Assessment
Big 5 Personality Assessment
Industry Aptitude Test Builder

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Frequently Asked Questions

TeamTrait is the most comprehensive battery of assessments for hiring, benchmarking and retaining high-​performing team members. TeamTrait analyzes patterns from three different scientific assessments so you know who you're really interviewing before you interview them. Our assessments also tell you if the candidates have the mindset and natural tendencies to be great at their next job in the company.

TeamTrait is not a personality test. Those products only give you a small slice of who the candidate is.  Our platform uses psychological assessments in collaboration with HumanAcumen and the Behavioral Resource Group. And if the candidates flag one of 13 Toxicity Types of employees, you’ll find out BEFORE you mistakenly hire them — a TeamTrait exclusive.

For sales teams, TeamTrait is much more than a sales test. TeamTrait measures sales skills and wills using SalesFuel's sales aptitude assessment. This diagnostic was created by four of the world’s leading sales consultants — and recently updated for the post-​pandemic sales world by SalesFuel.

TeamTrait delivers more than 100 professional and behavioral traits focused for high-​performance on the job. The best way to see how TeamTrait takes your sales reps to the next level is to see it for yourself. Simply sign up for a free 14-​day trial HERE. There is no obligation and no credit card required.

TeamTrait is client-​validated with a 94% accuracy rating from those who have taken TeamTrait assessments. TeamTrait uses updated versions of scientifically-​proven assessments for evaluating how a person thinks (including behavior, motivation, values and beliefs). For salespeople, it also reveals their knowledge of sales tactics and when to apply them in common sales situations.

With your Enterprise-​level subscription, TeamTrait assessments are can be taken in a variety of languages. All assessments have been translated by humans, not Google.


  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Italian
  6. Portuguese
  7. Polish
  8. Russian
  9. Lithuanian
  10. Czech
  11. Bulgarian
  12. Japanese
  13. Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)
  14. Mandarin Chinese (Traditional)


  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

Additional languages can be added to your custom Enterprise subscription. All 1–2 weeks for human translation. Big 5 assessments are currently available in English only. All profiles are displayed to managers in English.

Competent people want to work with competent people. TeamTrait reassures your best candidate that you are selective in who they will work with and that you won't leave decisions about their teammates up to chance, gut decisions or unconscious bias. The three main assessments TeamTrait uses for hiring only take around 20 minutes to complete.

For any information gathered by testing, interviews, surveys or other instruments, EEOC guidelines for the U.S. followed in terms of: adverse impact, forbidden questions, objective, tests and non-​bias against protected classes.

Absolutely not. We are experts in behavioral analysis and have developed and programmed our own assessment engine. Most pre-​employment testing sellers are not experts. They are minimally-​trained resellers, affiliates or franchise owners who merely mark up the prices from another company and slap their logo across the top of a PDF.

TeamTrait has direct integration with a list of leading ATS platforms that is growing every month, including SageHR, BambooHR and others. Team members and candidates can be imported from any ATS system. For more sophisticated uses, the Enterprise level of TeamTrait gives you access to our API. Ask us about integration with your ATS solution.

TraitTrait has direct integration with the leading CRM systems, including: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, Copper, Salesflare, Close, and Teamleader.
The TeamTrait platform, reports and assessment invitations can be branded with your company logo and its primary color at no additional charge. You can also edit the text of your assessment invitations.

The solution was created by C. Lee Smith, certified professional behavioral analyst and co-​founder of the HumanAcumen clinical grade psychometric testing platform with Steven Sisler of Behavioral Resource Group. Lee has over 25 years in professional services management.

Lee is the author of the Amazon international bestseller "Hire Smarter, Sell More!" Lee is also the CEO of SalesFuel and has been recognized three times as one of the world's Leading Sales Consultants by Selling Power magazine. Learn more about Lee and book him as a speaker for your next event at https://​cleesmith​.com

Variations of SalesFuel's Sales Acumen assessment have been taken over 43,000 times by salespeople of all types all over the world. This sales assessment test was created by four of the world's top sales experts: Jeffrey Gitomer (Little Red Book of Selling), C. Lee Smith (Hire Smarter, Sell More!), Tony Alessandra (Be Your Own Sales Manager) and Jim Cathcart (Relationship Selling). It has since been updated and refined for the post-​pandemic sales world by SalesFuel.

With this aptitude test, sales managers will know for certain if their candidate truly possesses the knowledge of their craft that comes from experience and success. You'll know what each rep will have a tendency to do in a given situation. More importantly, you'll know which aspects of sales each candidate needs coaching on.

Our company was founded in 1989 by C. Lee Smith. Smith remains the sole owner of the company to this day.

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