Teen Girls Share Brand Information With Friends

Two in three teen girls (65%) tell their best friend or sister whenever their favorite brand or store has a sale, according to Euro RSCG Worldwide. Nearly six in 10 (57%) tell others when they discover a new brand or trend. They also aren't shy about voicing displeasure. More than seven in 10 (72%) will tell "lots of people" about a bad experience with a brand, product, or service. 

Teen girls tend to vary the ways they share this information with each other. Half pass it along via text message, 28% use the phone, 5% rely on Facebook, and another 5% use IM.

One in two teen girls typically shop at stores near their home, with 47% saying music and atmosphere at a retail store are important factors in their shopping experience.

Retail is preferred over online shopping by three in four girls, though 67% say they don't buy online because they lack a credit card. They spend less when shopping in groups. Teen girls spend 23% more when shopping with best friends or sisters over a group of friends. They spend 43% less when with a boy than with their best friend or sister.

Teen girls tend to look to celebrities rather than peers for advice on style. Four in 10 (42%) say their style is influenced by their favorite movie and TV stars, and 26% are influenced by the popular or "cool" girls at their school.

[Source:  Euro RSCG Worldwide, via EPM Communications: Youth Markets Alert. (2010) : 8.  Web.  19 May 2010.]