Test Your Networking Know-How

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How much do you really know about networking? Speaker/trainer/author Scott Ginsberg has put together a test that gauges the participant's true knowledge of the fine art of networking:

  1. The best definition of networking is:
    1. Schmoozing at meetings and events
    2. The solicitation of funds
    3. Building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships
    4. Marketing and selling your products and services to everyone in the room so you can meet your sales quota before your boss fires you
  2. Why do you network?
    1. To develop your business
    2. To help other people
    3. To share information
    4. All of the above
  3. What are the most effective ways to network?
    1. Regularly attending meetings, events and activities
    2. Talking to random people in the streets, stores, buses, and bathrooms
    3. Offering referrals, resources and recommendations
    4. It doesn't matter as long as you help others first and remember that it ain't [SIC] about you
  4. True or False: Networking is not a skill, but rather a hereditary trait passed down from your father not unlike height or Male Pattern Baldness.
  5. True or False: Networking isn't always strategic, but frequently occurs by an accident and/or stroke of luck which falls in your lap like a gift from God.

To find out how you did, click here to get the results, as well as some tips from Ginsberg.

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