Text Messages and Account Management

BY Jessica Helinski
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Text messages can be a very effective way to keep in touch with clients and manage accounts. While many reps don’t text as part of their strategy, sales professional Jeb Blount encourages salespeople to do so. In an article for Sales Gravy, Blount writes about the benefits of using text messages and how they can open up great opportunities for rapport. “As a communication tool, it’s fast, efficient, less formal than email, and allows for arm’s‑length, non-​intrusive, synchronous communication that still feels personal,” he explains. Read on to learn just why text messages can give your client relationships a boost.

Text messages: Why they work

First, Blount takes time to share two reasons why using texts for account management is a smart choice:

  • They’re mobile. Our phones are capable of being around us 24/​7, and may people have theirs with them more often than not. This means the chances of reaching a client via text are pretty good. Not to mention, wearables are popular and also capable of receiving texts. 
  • They’re prioritized. Basically, it’s hard not to react to and read a text message. “One of the key reasons why text messages work so well is that most people feel compelled to read and/​or respond to them immediately,” Blount explains.

Blount continues on to discuss one of the reasons he believes text messages are great for account management: they’re incredibly versatile. This form of communication can be so much more than a few random words. You can personalize the texts with engaging extras like video, images and links. “For account management and communicating with customers text messaging is a tremendous tool,” he writes. “It helps you nurture and maintain relationships, keeps customers updated, and allows you to quickly respond to concerns from anywhere.” Plus, during a time when social distancing is so important, these contactless communications are a safe way to keep in touch. 

Blount actually writes that he believes text messages are “perfect” for keeping up with accounts because, in addition to other things, they can easily: 

  • Check the pulse of your accounts
  • Show appreciation
  • Send account updates and data
  • Send insight and educational resources
  • Keep key contacts apprised of shipments and order information
  • Be proactive with solving issues
  • Send offers and specials

While these outreaches may seem small, they can have a big impact on an account. Integrating text messages into your strategy adds just one more thoughtful outreach to your overall strategy. Reps have many accounts and any little measure taken to prevent neglect will be well worth it. As Blount points out, “A simple, regular, inexpensive check-​in by text message can make all the difference. It doesn’t need to be anything particularly special. You don’t need a reason to tell your customers that you appreciate them.”

He goes on to share a few examples of text messages that you can send out to keep the relationship going:

  • How are you doing? 
  • What can I do to make today easier? 
  • I have an idea for you.
  • I thought you might like to read this article.
  • Here is a link to a resource that I thought you might find valuable.
  • Have a great weekend with your family/​dog/​etc.
  • Thank you for your business and recent purchase/​upgrade/​email, etc.

Make sure, too, that with each message you add a touch of personalization. Use the client’s name or mention a specific aspect about their business or life. This keeps the communications from coming across as generic. 

For more insight into text messages and how they can positively impact account management, check out Blount’s entire article.