The Advanced Sales Skills Sellers Need to Perfect Now

BY Jessica Helinski
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Don’t let your lack of advanced sales skills leave you behind competitors. Cutthroat competition, and savvy buyers, are making sales even more challenging for reps. But for those who keep ahead of the latest trends and buyer needs, the possibilities are endless. 

Advanced sales skills will keep you ahead

According to a Daily Sales Post on LinkedIn, “Sales is a dynamic field that has witnessed significant changes over the last decade. The advent of new technologies, changing consumer preferences, and evolving business models have transformed the way sales teams operate and interact with customers.”

Basic sales tactics, strategies and behavior are no longer enough to impress buyers. Sellers, too, must evolve to practice more advanced sales skills. 

The professionals at Salesforce also believe that what’s always worked just won’t cut it anymore. They note the importance of honing a more advanced skillset, writing, “Using advanced sales skills will help build vital rapport with your client, and give you an edge on any competition in the area.”

2 advanced skills to improve now

One skill in particular that they highlight is mastering nonverbal communication. This may often have been an afterthought. Or, you may only have given thought to basic forms, such as eye contact and your posture. But nonverbal communication, especially when selling, is so much more. 

They specifically note the importance of how you use your voice, including the tone. This can have a big impact, especially for sellers who do a lot of communication via the phone. There’s major opportunity to do some work in this area, which can give you that extra edge over other sellers. 

To learn more about the importance of using your voice in sales, and tiny ways to improve, take a look at this article by SalesFuel. In it, Tim Londergan explains the reason why voice matters and what you can do to make sure yours connects to buyers. And for more nonverbal communication tips, check out this article

Nurture the post-​sale relationship

No longer is the mantra “Always be closing” considered a good idea. Rather than focusing only on hunting new business, modern sellers understand they need to devote attention to current customers. 

Developing and nurturing relationships after the sale is now considered an advanced sales skill. Despite the advice encouraging more focus on relationships, many sellers still fall short of expectations post-sale. 

Those businesses that prioritize current customers rather than engaging with new ones, will always find themselves a step ahead of competition,” explains Jenna Bunnell for CustomerThink. “You reduce churn, boost revenue by upselling and cross selling, improve customer engagement, gain valuable feedback and receive positive testimonials…Emphasize on the importance of the post-​sale experience so you can make the most out of your relationship with the customer.”

For a deeper dive into how to deliver stellar post-​sale service, take a look at this article. Embrace tools like social media and a CRM to make check-​ins and getting feedback as easy as possible. You’ll find that nurturing current clients can be just as impactful as chasing new ones. 

Do the work to stay ahead

If you want to connect with today’s buyers, and stay ahead of savvy competitors, you must embrace the advanced sales skills required today. As HubSpot’s Jay Fuchs explains, “Exceptional salespeople don't separate themselves from the pack by doing what everyone else is doing and hoping for the best. They go above and beyond, and you can't do that if you lean exclusively on conventional sales skills.”

Start by working on these two, and then challenge yourself even further by branching out to hone other advanced skills. You’ll find that you not only will connect even deeper with modern buyers, but also strengthen relationships with current clients as well.

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