The Best Sales Content to Share at Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

BY Jessica Helinski
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Sharing sales content is an effective way to establish credibility and provide value. And, you can ensure maximum impact at each stage. When you choose to pass along content can matter just as much as what you share.

What is Sales Content?

Sales content highlights what makes your solution the best choice for buyers. It can involve evidence ranging from data and case studies to testimonials and accolades. 

As Josh Ritchie writes for Forbes, its intent is to convince.

Sales content is about convincing people that you’re the best brand to work with,” he explains. 

While marketing may initially attract the prospect’s attention, it’s the sales content that will convert them.

Content for Three Stages

As buyers move through your sales process, it’s important to adapt your efforts for every stage. What they need to see at the beginning is different from what will convince them to buy at the end. 

[Create] content that speaks to the interests and needs of your target audience while also informing them,” explains Hello Nuvue.

Buyers will have distinctly different needs throughout the journey. This offers an opportunity for sellers to adapt their content strategy to align with each need. 

Sharing to Different Sales Stages

In an article for LeadG2, Kaitlyn McDevitt shares ways to engage and convert buyers with content. She points out three stages in which specific types of content can be especially impactful. 

In the awareness phase, prospects are learning about their pain points and needs. As a seller, this is when you are helping to uncover these things. You’re providing education and guidance, as these issues may only now be coming to light. 

This is when educational sales content is vital. 

Your goals are to “increase brand visibility but also to establish yourself as a reliable and trusted resource,” she writes. 

During this stage, the following content types are especially helpful:

  • Educational blog posts that give deeper insight to their issues and situation
  • Relevant social media content that provides a human element to the information
  • Infographics and other visuals that can provide clarity for more complex concepts

These can help the buyer understand what they need. And it can help you learn more about the prospect as well.

The Consideration Stage

At the next phase of the buyer’s journey, it’s time to tap into a different kind of sales content. 

During the consideration phase, they actively research and evaluate different solutions,” McDevitt explains.

It’s important to position your solution as the best choice to meet those needs they uncovered in the previous stage. You also have the opportunity to demonstrate your own authority and credibility. 

She recommends these specific kinds of content to make an impact:

  • In-​depth guides and white papers that zero in on industry-​specific topics
  • Case studies that highlight relevant examples of how your solution has benefited others
  • Webinars and podcasts that feature industry experts

At this stage, as SalesFuel writes, you must build trust, as well as credibility. Sharing the right content will help establish you as a credible option and demonstrate social proof. 

The Decision

Sales content, at this point in their journey, can help drive them to make a decision. It should be the most detailed and specific you’ve shared. Focus on unique extras and personal experiences. Specifically, considering sharing these types:

  • Product demos and tutorials, which can include videos and how-​to articles 
  • Free trials and samples that allow buyers to experience your solution before committing 

This stage should reinforce the unique value you can deliver. This hyper-​personalized content can give that extra push they need to make their final decision. 

By aligning your sales content to each stage a buyer goes through, you consistently meet their needs. You effectively move them closer to a deal through education and relevant, unique benefits to your solution. 

Consider these other tips to ensure you’re maximizing each stage of the buyer journey in other ways.

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