The Device Exposing Users to 4 Ad Types (it's not a Smartphone)

BY Rachel Cagle
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Just like smartphones, smart TVs wear many hats when it comes to uses for their owners; and advertisers targeting said owners. 

Yes, according to a report by Hub Entertainment, the first and foremost use of smart TVs is to stream videos. About 54% of smart TV owners use their devices for this purpose on a weekly basis. But these consumers are also using their smart TVs to listen to music, browse the internet and check up on social media.


Music streaming services are experiencing a huge bump in popularity thanks to the ability to stream music through TVs. 37% of smart TV owners use services such as Pandora and Spotify on their TVs to listen to music. This supports the belief that online audio streaming’s increase of 49% last year is due, in part, to smart TVs.


Hub Entertainment also found that smart TV owners are using their TVs much like computers. They’re casting their phone screen onto the TV (20%), using the TV to surf the web (18%) and even using social media via smart TV (11%). TVs are now a medium for video viewing, listening to audio, absorbing social information AND a portal to the internet.

What better stage for a multi-​media advertising campaign? According to AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel, within the last year, over half of Smart TV Users have taken action after seeing TV commercials and ads on social media, and nearly half were driven to action by radio ads they heard both online and over-​the-​air. Additionally, nearly 65% of these consumers spend a minimum of three hours watching their TVs every single day. Who are these viewers and what are they interested in spending money on within the next year? You can find the answers, along with more marketing information, on the Smart TV Users audience profile on AudienceSCAN.