The Email Feature You're Doing All Wrong!


It's hard enough to get your email opened and read through just to lose your contact at the last minute, but your signature may be doing just that! Your signature can be a great marketing opportunity and leave a lasting impression with the contact. So get ready to amp up your email conversion rate by optimizing your email signature!

In an article for Fastcompany​.com, Stephanie Vozza summarizes 5 common signature mistakes identified by Melissa Cassera of Cassera Communications and Ron Cates of Constant Contact. Here are 3 to get you started:

Listing every single way you can be contacted.

If you think you are doing your contacts a favor by listing 3 different phone numbers, a fax number, various email addresses, website links and social media links, take a step back and put yourself in the contact’s position. That much information is overwhelming and can cause confusion as to which method of contact will be the most efficient. So make it easy on your contacts and only provide the 1 or 2 most efficient ways to reach you. This can be done in sentence form before your signature as well (i.e. “The quickest way to contact me is…”).

Using an image as your signature.

If you’ve formatted your signature and saved it as an image file to quickly insert into your emails, there is a chance your signature might not be seen at all. Some email providers, devices and computer software blocks images in emails. Cates advises to “always use alt text behind [an image] so the recipient doesn’t see a blank box.” Also, avoid signature images altogether by using the settings of your email provider to insert your signature (manually typed and formatted) as a default.

Using stale sign offs.

While “Sincerely,” “Best” and “Take Care” are perfectly acceptable, they are stale, used by everyone, and are doing nothing to help you stand out. Use the sign off as an opportunity to show some of your personality. Make it bubbly, silly, snarky or whatever speaks to you. A unique sign off can make your contact more interested in, and even excited to respond to you.

Take a look at your email signature and rework it to remove these mistakes. Once optimized, your emails will stand a much greater chance of creating conversions.

Amanda Levin

Amanda Levin

Amanda is the Director of Operations at SalesFuel. She previously specialized in major accounts research and digital marketing trends for SalesFuel Today. She holds a Bachelors in Media Studies from Ohio University.