Time to Play "15 Questions"

by | 2 minute read

Part of excellent customer service is keeping on top of what's going on with your clients and their business. But, sometimes conversations can stall or you just can't seem to get enough information out of them. The Wellesley Hills Group released an article that is comprised of 15 open-ended questions that are guaranteed to get clients talking and you more informed of their feelings, concerns, and goals. Additionally, these questions may be used to delve deeper into a relationship with a prospect or business partner. "As you ask any open ended questions, bare in mind that a most difficult task is not sounding too salesy when asking questions," write article authors Mike Schultz and John Doerr. " Find your own voice when asking the questions." The questions are broken down into three groups: Questions in group one help to build rapport, the second aid in learning clients' aspirations and afflictions, and the third set of questions uncover the impact of meeting or not meeting goals. The following are the first questions, and for the second and third sets, click here. Five Rapport Generation Questions: Ask these open ended sales questions to help you get to know your current or potential clients and establish an understanding of their current reality. 1. What's going on in your business these days? 2. If the Wall Street Journal were to write about what was going on in your industry (or your business) in the last few months, what would they say? 3. How has your business changed in the last few years? 4. What's it like doing your job these days? 5. Can you help me to understand what's happening in your world these days?

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