Tips for Staying Productive on Business Trips

BY Jessica Helinski
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Whether you view business trips as a fun change of scenery or a necessary drudgery, these getaways offer plenty of opportunities to be productive. There’s no reason to slack on your to-​do list or waste time scrolling Facebook while you’re away, and Inc​.com contributor Robin Camarote believes it is possible to get all of your must-do’s done while away from the office. In her article, she shares several ways you can stay productive while on the road:

  • Download before you head out. Make sure that anything and everything you may need is downloaded–you never know when you may run into spotty WiFi and won't be able to access a report or itinerary.

  • Disconnect. Now that you’ve got everything downloaded, take a few moments (like on a train or waiting in the airport) to disconnect and just focus. “I'm always amazed at how much progress I can make on client assignments that require a lot of thinking and writing when there are no electronic distractions,” Camarote writes. “It might be worth trying for at least one leg of your trip.”

  • Grow your skills. Before leaving, download some educational podcasts, TED talks–anything that you can take in that will leave you inspired and educated. Jot down notes during each to revisit more in-​depth when you return.

  • Practice networking. The hotel, the airport–even the taxicab–all provide opportunities to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know and get to know him or her. Not only will you be honing your networking skills, you also may come across some contacts who could be valuable in the future.

So, whether you're a seasoned road warrior or someone who only takes a trip or two a year, remember that business travel can offer some great opportunities for productivity. Whether it’s disconnecting to tackle a client issue or brushing up on a new industry podcast, make the most of your travel time!