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Introducing TeamKeeper®

The revolutionary new platform for Data-Driven Sales Management™

The only thing harder than finding good salespeople is keeping them. That's why we built TeamKeeper®.

Similar to how CRMs are used by reps to manage their accounts, TeamKeeper is a revolutionary, new cloud-based SaaS platform used by SALES MANAGERS to discover, develop, engage, motivate and retain their salespeople  — and it's coming February 2017!



TeamKeeper reveals hidden secrets about your reps that have prevented them from reaching their full potential. You can discover their core competencies using Talent Insights from 3 types of scientific assessments; learn how to connect with each individual, what opens them up, what shuts them down; and know what to watch for and how to keep each rep from going sideways.



TeamKeeper's engagement and status checking tools turn managers from enforcers to positive reinforcers! Since you can’t fix what you don’t see – measure your team's feeling about the workplace with weekly, anonymous engagement polls; discover the best ways to motivate each rep (it’s not always about money); and determine who is really a “long-term fit” worthy of investment.



Talent insights from DISCOVERY enable managers to more effectively coach, train and develop reps unique needs: Always know who to coach, when to coach, what to coach and how, Quit wasting so much time with future alumni, Groom top performers for more responsibility, Set more effective Goals/OKRs.



Several studies show that losing a good sales rep is likely to cost your company in excess of $100,000 each time it happens. And the #1 reason cited by sales reps in a 2017 study as to why they leave? Issues with their manager. TeamKeeper not only develops good talent into great talent, it also enables companies to evaluate, develop and manage their managers.

Learn how TeamKeeper keeps the development and retention of your best salespeople front and center every day.