Do you have a passion for developing executives into leaderstransforming companies to fulfill their true potential and building a more profitable coaching practice or consultancy?

To help us meet the growing demand for the TeamKeeper platform, we've created two revenue generating programs to build your practice. As a TeamKeeper Certified Consultant, you'll earn:

  • Ongoing residual revenue
  • Additional opportunities for billable hours
  • Potential leads for new clients
  • The ability to sustain the momentum of your coaching clients between sessions

We are accepting only a limited number of coaches/​consultants for this program. Certified consultants must have a proven track record of success, complete our certification program and be in alignment with our company values.

Not ready for full certification? Executive coaches can refer their qualified clients to TeamKeeper as a Referral Partner with little additional involvement. We’ll take care of sales and everything your client needs to be successful with TeamKeeper and you'll earn a percentage of the subscription fees.
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