Top 10 of 2013: Toy Industry Promoting New Trends in 2013

The toy industry, exclusive of video games, generates revenue of over $20 billion a year. Retailers who order and sell the toys that match the hottest trends of the year can steal market share from their competitors. Based on the trends revealed at last week’s Toy Industry Association, marketers will have plenty of opportunity to promote new items this

While it might seem that kids only care about digital, the experts have announced that traditional building sets are hot property right now. The 20% sales increase that took place in the building sets category in 2012 is likely to be matched in 2013. Analysts believe well-​known manufacturers will roll out new offerings and other businesses, tempted by the interest in this category, will introduce their own products.

Another sure way to attract a share of the parents’ wallets is to promote nostalgia. There will be no shortage of vendors who will bring back toys that parents and grandparents remember playing with when they were younger. This includes the concept of selling items like traditional board games. Industry analysts note that the Kids Getting Older Younger (KGOY) trend meant that boys and girls were aging out of toys pretty quickly. But there is some evidence that kids who want a break from all thing digital enjoy the novelty of a board game.

Toy makers also recognize that kids are on the go these days. Parents are buying games that can fill the time as they drive their children from one activity to the next. The toys are physically smaller, making them easier to carry around.

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Kathy Crosett
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