Top 50 Most Patriotic Brands

A new Brand Keys survey of iconic American brands has revealed which brands consumers consider the most ‰Û÷patriotic,‰Ûª with Jeep, Coca-​Cola, Disney and Ralph Lauren leading the pack. Jeep is rated No. 1 again. Coca-​Cola, Disney and Ralph Lauren are Nos. 2, 3, 4. Coach, Goodyear, MLB move into the top 50, according to, "Brand Keys Survey Reveals the Most Patriotic Brands in America."

‰ÛÏWhen it comes to engaging consumers, waving the American flag and having an authentic foundation for being able to wave the flag are two entirely different things, and the consumer knows it,‰Û åÊRobert Passikoff, founder and president of Brand Keys, Inc., said. ‰ÛÏMore importantly, believability is key to the engagement paradigm. The more engaged a consumer with a particular emotional value and the associated brand, the more likely they‰Ûªll trust that emotion and act positively on that belief. Generally speaking, where a brand can establish a real emotional connection, consumers are six times more likely to believe and behave positively toward the brand.‰Û

To determine which brands will lead the parade when it came to patriotism, Brand Keys did a statistical ‰Û÷drill-down‰Ûª to identify which of 230 brands are more associated with the value of ‰Û÷patriotism.‰Ûª ‰ÛÏWe know that effectual brand engagement is more emotional than rational,‰Û said Passikoff. ‰ÛÏAnd while many emotional and category-​specific values drive brand engagement, we had 5,427 consumers ages 16 to 65, drawn from the nine U.S. Census Regions, evaluate a collection of 35 cross-​category values, including ‰Û÷patriotism.‰Ûª‰Û

The following are Brand Keys 2015 top 50 most patriotic brands, with percentages indicating emotional engagement strength for the individual value of ‰Û÷patriotism.‰Ûª

1 Jeep (98%)

2 Coca-​Cola (97%)

3 Disney (96%)

4 Ralph Lauren (95%)

5 Levi Strauss (94%)

6 Ford/​Jack Daniels (93%)

7 Harley Davidson/​Gillette (92%)

8 Apple/​Coors (91%)

9 American Express/Wrigley‰Ûªs (90%)

10 Gatorade/​Zippo (89%)

11 Amazon (88%)

12 Hershey‰Ûªs/Walmart (87%)

13 Colgate (86%)

14 Coach/​New Balance (85%)

15 AT&T/Google (84%)

16 Marlboro/​Sam Adams (83%)

17 John Deere/​Louisville Slugger/​Smith & Wesson (82%)

18 L.L. Bean/​Facebook (81%)

19 Craftsman Tools/​GE/​Wells Fargo (80%)

20 49ers/​Cowboys/​NFL/​Patriots/​ (79%)

21 MLB/​NY Yankees/​Wrangler (78%)

22 Campbell‰Ûªs/Gibson/KFC (77%)

23 Goodyear/​Wilson Sporting Goods (76%)

24 J&J/Kellogg‰Ûªs/Tide (75%)

25 Converse/​Heinz (74%)

26 McDonald‰Ûªs (72%)

Armed Services at 100% Rating

Although this was a survey of for-​profit brands, Brand Keys ‰ÛÒ as they do every year ‰ÛÒalso included assessments for the United States armed services. The Coast Guard, Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy in the study and consumers gave all branches of the armed services an engagement strength of 100% when it came to patriotism.

‰ÛÏIt‰Ûªs not surprising that many brands in the top 50 are American Icons,‰Û said Passikoff, ‰ÛÏwhich is confirmed by the movement up the list into the top 50 of: Coach, Converse, Goodyear, Johnson & Johnson, Major League Baseball, and Wells Fargo. ‰ÛÏIt‰Ûªs important for brands to accurately measure these values,‰Û noted Passikoff. ‰ÛÏValues are a way consumers define what they expect from a brand. Meet or exceed those expectations and you have a differentiated brand, engaged customers, and increased sales.‰ÛÏ

Brands Growing Patriotic Appeal

Even an increase, or decrease, of five percentage points is significant at the 95% confidence level. Eleven brands in this year‰Ûªs survey showed significant engagement growth for the value of ‰Û÷patriotism‰Ûª including:

Jack Daniels (+18%)

Coach (+15%)

Major League Baseball (+11%)

Coors, Wells Fargo (+10%)

American Express, Wrigley (+9%)

Goodyear, KFC (+6%)

Craftsman, Johnson & Johnson (+5%)

‰ÛÏIt is important to note that the assessments in this survey do not mean that other brands are not patriotic, or that they don‰Ûªt possess patriotic resonance. Rational aspects, like being an American company, or being ‰Û÷Made in the USA,‰Ûª or having nationally directed CSR activities and sponsorships, all play a part in the make-​up of any brand. But if you want to differentiate via brand values, especially one this emotional, if there is believability, good marketing just gets better,‰Û said Passikoff. ‰ÛÏIn some cases six times better.‰Û

‰ÛÏLast year we received comments about how some of the top 50 most patriotic brands didn‰Ûªt belong because their products aren‰Ûªt actually manufactured in the United States,‰Û said Passikoff.

‰ÛÏThat reflects a reality of the global economy and only the rational side of the decision-​making process.åÊ One thing marketers should have learned about 21st century brands is those that make an emotional connection with the consumer always have a strategic advantage over competitors when it come to the marketplace battle for the hearts, minds, and loyalty of consumers. Make that connection and consumers will not only stand up and salute, but more importantly they‰Ûªll buy,‰Û observed Passikoff.

Make sure your retailers selling these top brands are promoting this patriotic status with the right audience ‰ÛÒ the America First Shopper audience. According to AudienceSCAN, 60.4% of consumers make an effort to buy American whenever possible. Nearly 22% of these "America First" Shoppers are aged 65 and older. 36% of them are cat owners. 28% have shopped at locally owned businesses on Small Business Saturday (Saturday after Thanksgiving). You can reach them through the web: 50% saw ads in their sponsored search results (like on Google, Yahoo or Bing) and took action.

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Courtney Huckabay
Courtney is the Editor for SalesFuel Today. She analyzes secondary customer research and our primary AudienceSCAN research. Courtney is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University.