Top Recession-​Proof Media Sales Opportunities for 2023

BY C. Lee Smith
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A potential recession is on the mind of almost everyone. As local sellers set budgets and make plans for next year, the uncertainty is concerning. But its impact on local advertising revenue doesn’t have to be a foregone conclusion. There are always verticals that are more resilient during a recession if you know where to look – and adjust your sales tactics accordingly.

View this webinar to see BIA and SalesFuel look ahead to 2023 to identify some of the top recession-​proof opportunities. A few of the verticals we’ll put through a recession-​proof filter include Healthcare, Repair Stores, and Technology.

Speakers for this webinar:

  • C. Lee Smith, CEO of SalesFuel and creator of the AdMall® sales intelligence platform
  • Nicole Ovadia, VP Forecasting & Analysis for BIA Advisory Services
  • Leyla Chatti, Senior Media Analyst for BIA Advisory Services