How to Turn Webinar Attendees into Clients

BY Jessica Helinski
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Webinars can educate prospects about your product or service, build your authority on industry topics and nurture relationships. They can also lead to nowhere. You want to create a webinar that will inform and entertain prospects — and ultimately lead to a sale. In an article for Business 2 Community, Christopher Jan Benitez shares five ways you can convert webinar attendees to customers. Below are two of his tips:

Pick the best format. There are many options when it comes to formatting your webinar, so you should be thoughtful when choosing a structure. To do so, decide on what you want to accomplish with the session. Who is your audience? What do you hope to emphasize (customer service? relationships? product information?)? “A Q&A webinar is great for boosting engagement since the speakers are directly interacting with the audience,” he explains. “A panel or interview, on the other hand, is great for extracting the opinion of authoritative people such as thought leaders, bloggers, and renowned professionals.”

Focus (and stay) on a topic. It’s easy to start drifting off-​topic during a webinar, especially when allowing attendees to ask questions and contribute. Benitez advises you to “make sure that every stage of your webinar is on-​point and sticks to a relevant issue. Avoid using vague topics so you don’t have to needlessly elaborate certain points and cover them in separate webinars instead.” Breaking up webinars by topic also presents the opportunity to build a series, leading to more content, more attendees, and hopefully, more sales.

Before developing and conducting your next webinar, read Benitez’s suggestions to optimize the experience for your attendees AND your own goals. These tips can improve your webinars’ quality and perhaps lead to more sales.