Two Easy Ways to Improve Your Sales Strategy

BY Rachel Cagle
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There are a number of aspects that go into making a sales strategy successful, but here are two that Sabrina Ferraioli views as crucial in her article, “Does Your Sales Process Have the Best Components?

Know What Your Client Needs and When They Need It

The sales process is difficult enough without the added hindrance of trying to sell a client a product or service they don’t need. That’s why keeping in contact with your clients and doing some research into their ever-​changing needs is so crucial. If you ask for and pay attention to client feedback, you’ll know if a need develops that one of your products or services can fulfill. Then all you have to do is reach out to your client to let them know that you have a solution that could solve the problem they’ve discussed with you. This approach takes the guesswork out of worrying when to pitch a product or service. A relevant product will always sell better than a shot in the dark.

Neither Clients nor Prospects Want to Buy from a Machine

Ferraioli also stresses the importance of humanizing your sales strategy. And with how prevalent internet sales are, even telesales count as a human touch. But, remember, knowing what a company needs based on the research you conduct before you reach out to them is what separates telesales from a cold call. Whether you’re giving your pitch over the phone or in person, humanizing your sales pitch means that you’re willing to strike up a conversation with your client and/​or prospect to get to know them as a person, as well as their business needs. In turn, they will get to know you better as well. There are very few people who would rather buy from a complete stranger than someone they feel they know. So, allow yourself to stray from strictly business talk to show that you realize and value that there is more to your client or prospect than just the sale they can give you.