U.S. Consumers Still Motivated by Emotion When Making Buying Decisions

Sensory touch-​points and the desire for sensuous, emotional experiences are still among the key factors driving U.S. consumer buying decisions, says a new report from Arylessence, a leading U.S. fragrance and flavor company. But this 'emotive edge' is just one of nine significant trends  that reflect how consumers make choices today and predict how marketers will respond in 2011 and beyond. 

"Even in a challenging economy, U.S. consumers continue to look for inspiration and ideas that connect to their passions," says Arylessence Marketing Director Lori Miller Burns. "People are demanding the best quality, multiple benefits, maximum performance, and less waste from products that cost less, including private label brands – but they also want exotic, super-​ingredients like acai, lulo, and acerola; natural, soothing products that nurture and protect; and stimulating foods and flavors they have never tasted before; all sourced in sustainable, earth-​friendly ways. For these products, consumers are willing to pay premium prices."

The Arylessence TrendWatch  reports on multiple trend factors that influence consumers, drive purchasing decisions, and create new product opportunities for marketers.  According to Steve Tanner, President of Arylessence, the report's insights "help marketers develop innovative fragrances and flavors that not only connect where consumers are today, but where they will be tomorrow."

Key Trends include:

  • Emotive Edge – ideas that connect with sensory touch points, transform consumers emotionally, and deliver memorable, sensuous experiences
  • American Stories – a passion for American values, patriotic themes, and increasingly, locally sourced and locally produced foods, beverages, clothing and accessories
  • South America! –  reflecting the creative vitality and rich resources of South American countries like Brazil, plus the diversity of natural, exotic, and nurturing ingredients sourced from the Amazon rainforest and other regions
  • Style Rewind  --  renewed interest by fashion designers and consumers in everything vintage, classic, and timeless, evoked by Hollywood glamour, old-​world aristocracy, pre-​war luxury, the Beat generation, and hippie culture from the 1960s
  • Eco Evolution  --  reflecting a profound change in how global corporations, small entrepreneurs and consumers alike now think about the world, sharing a commitment to sustainability, protecting the planet, reducing waste, and using resources responsibly
  • Modern Menu  --  a major trend on food, how people relate to food, and how American attitudes to food are changing, while U.S. food marketers and retailers innovate to keep pace with culinary desires.

"Using fragrances and flavors that anticipate where trends are heading is the fastest way to transform a product or a brand," says Arylessence Marketing Director Lori Miller Burns. "Trend analysis creates sensory opportunities that not only connect with consumer interests, but also take the consumer's emotional experience to an entirely new level."

[Source:  Arylessence TrendWatch.  Arylessence.  22 Oct. 2010.  Web.  1 Nov. 2010.]