University of Virginia NSAC Team Wins Marketing Research Award

The NSAC team from the University of Virginia won the Ad-​ology Award for the Best Use of Marketing Research during this year's national AAF conference.

The National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) team of the University of Virginia won the Ad-​ology Award for the Best Use of Marketing Research during this year’s national AAF conference.

The NSAC is designed to give college students a near real-​world experience of planning and creating an integrated communications campaign for a real client; this year’s client was JCPenney.AO-NSAC Award

For the Ad-​ology Research award, teams are judged by NSAC judges for their use of marketing research from any source in the development of the campaign. This is the second year for the research award; the winning team receives $1,000 for their collegiate ad club. The award was presented following the competition at the American Advertising Federation (AAF) Admerica National Conference in San Diego.

"I am extremely pleased that my students won the award for outstanding research. The research partners and especially Ad-​ology allow students to monitor on a daily basis the trends and changes in business,” said Jack Lindgren, the team’s faculty advisor. “When my students graduate they will need to keep up with these trends and changes, and exposure to Ad-​ology will give them an advantage over their competition," Lindgren said.

Michael Winters, co-​head of planning for the University of Virginia team said the process showed him how important marketing research is for a successful campaign. “All good creative starts with good strategy, which starts with good insights, which starts with good research,” Winters said. “Ad-​ology, specifically, was instrumental for our team in locating and reaching our target market.”

As a research partner for the annual competition, Ad-​ology provides industry data and insights to all competing teams.

As a former NSAC participant, I know how great this competition is – there’s really nothing like creating a real campaign for a real client,” said C. Lee Smith, president and CEO of Ad-​ology. “Promoting the importance of marketing research can only help these students as they join the advertising world,” Smith said.


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