Using Email Ads to Drive Sales During and After Lockdown

BY Rachel Cagle
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Reaching your customers remotely and effectively is now crucial to weathering this period of disruption,” claims a marketing report by Cheetah Digital. Even though the U.S. seems to be on the brink of reopening many businesses, there will still be numerous Americans who will be hesitant to return to business as usual until they’re certain a second wave of COVID-​19 isn’t on the horizon. That’s why it’s in your clients’ best interests to continue to send out email ads.

Why email ads when there are so many other digital ads out there? According to Cheetah Digital’s findings, in the U.S., 73% of consumers have purchased a product directly thanks to an email ad they received. That’s significantly more than social media (31%), organic social posts (29%), banner ads (26%) and SMS/​MMS messages (22%). Specifically, email ads are 180% more effective at driving sales than display ads, as well as 151% more effective than branded social posts and 134% more effective than social ads.

To make their email ads even more effective, businesses should use cookies to better personalize their email outreach. 77% of Americans say(?) that this use of cookies either is (35%) or may be (42%) acceptable. Only 16% of American consumers believe that using cookies for email personalization is unacceptable. The other 7% have no opinion. 

When it comes to receiving offers, rewards and incentives, 40% of Americans agree that they’d prefer to be notified by email.

Using the audience profiles on AudienceSCAN on AdMall from SalesFuel, you can further help clients personalize their email pitches to customers. Take Women’s Clothing Shoppers, for example. Last year, 57.2% of these shoppers were driven to action by email ads they’d received, and their favorite types of emails to get from businesses include coupons/​discount codes (74.5%) and limited-​time offers/​sales (53.5%). Using this and other marketing information available for each audience, you can craft an effective email-​based campaign for your clients in no time.