Using 'Uncommonality' to Uphold Accounts

When you're focused on managing your current accounts and retaining the relationships you've built, you focus on remembering what you have in common with each client. Do you not? I advocate this practice – especially if you're logging conversations and fun facts in a notebook to remind yourself. But I ran across a post that touched on finding the most UNCOMMON techniques to stay positive. And it got me reflecting.

I tend to dwell on basics in this small slice of the blogosphere. I like to remind and refresh you veterans of the standards. I dig tipping off you newbies. But have I been missing the uncommon universe? I think so. Think about what you do that's uncommon. How is your medium uncommon among the choices your clients have? And most of all, how are YOU uncommon? What "uncommonality" do you bring to customer meetings and interactions that makes you unforgettable and therefore undeniable?

Maybe it's your perpetual positivity. I do hope so.

As a proponent of perky, I feel your position on positive energy plays an important part in performing at your peak for your clients. (Sorry, Dr. Seuss really got to me this week.) Now, how can you increase your positive vibes which will enable you to increase your positive revenue? Theo Ellis has some ideas.

Ellis says, "The average article on this topic [being positive] covers common tips most of us are aware of. I’m going to cover 3 uncommon ways to be more positive in your everyday life."

  1. Stay true to yourself.
  2. Stay true to your word.
  3. Write down your goals and your dreams.

I want to focus on No. 2 today. (poo! teehee!) Staying true to your word to your accounts will make you uncommon.


"That’s right. By staying true to your word you’ll be more positive, and more often too. Think about it," Ellis writes. "If you constantly make promises, claims, pacts and vows that are never fulfilled, you’ll lose respect. And not only will you lose respect, you’ll also lose respect for yourself."

"And when you lose respect for yourself, you won’t like yourself as much. Guess what happens from there? You’ll become more negative. People who stay true to their word get the respect they deserve. And that makes the person who’s true to their word feel good about themselves."

"That helps them to stay and be more positive even when life gets ugly. Honesty builds character, and that helps you to feel better and more positive on a daily basis."

Courtney Huckabay
Courtney is the Editor for SalesFuel Today. She analyzes secondary customer research and our primary AudienceSCAN research. Courtney is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University.