VIDEO! 2018 Forecasting, Media Time on Mobile, Wrecking Roadblocks

BY Courtney Huckabay
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This month we learn about: how marketing budgets will increase in 2018, digital media time on mobile, and besting the receptionist roadblock


Hello there, and WELCOME to the November 2017 edition of Media SALES Monthly.


The latest CMO survey from Deloitte, the American Marketing Association and Duke’s Fuqua School of Business predicts a nearly NINE percent increase in overall marketing budgets over the next year. But marketers indicate they’ll CUT another two percent from TRADITIONAL media formats. B‑to‑B companies will make the DEEPEST cut. The average DIGITAL spending increase is predicted to be thirteen percent, with B‑to‑C increasing spending nearly NINETEEN percent. SOCIAL media is nearly ten percent of a typical advertising budget. By next year, this figure could be as high as THIRTEEN percent. Not surprisingly, B‑to‑C companies spend the MOST — over sixteen percent.

On a scale of one to seven, businesses only give themselves a FOUR in terms of integrating social media with the overall marketing strategy. Marketers are STRUGGLING to prove their social media efforts’ impact. ONLY a little more than sixteen percent of businesses say they can DEFINITELY prove social media’s quantitative IMPACT on the BOTTOM LINE. Discuss your clients’ future marketing plans and help them place ads in media formats that will deliver results.


Comscore’s 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report found that HALF of America’s digital media usage time is consumed through SMARTPHONE APPS. As expected, YOUNGER demos spend a majority of their digital consumption time on their smartphones: Comscore points out just how many HOURS that totals. The eighteen to twenty-​four age group spends an average of 3.2 hours on smartphone apps every single day followed by ages twenty-​five to thirty-​four at 2.6 hours and ages thirty-​five to forty-​four at 2.3 hours.

Here’s how much of their digital media usage time is spent via smartphone apps for OLDER age groups. Smartphone apps take up nearly HALF of the digital media time for forty-​five to sixty-​four year-​old consumers. And even though smartphone app usage for sixty-​five plus is twenty-​seven percent, MOBILE STILL accounts for nearly HALF of their digital media consumption time. So, even though YOUNGER demos are the most active mobile users, consumers FORTY-​FIVE PLUS are the ones making a more mobile-​based SHIFT. Let your mobile advertising clients know that it may be time for a shift in target demographics!


The most DIFFICULT part of making a sales call is often making it past the RECEPTIONIST. So, how can you get PAST them to speak to a prospective client? Here are a few tips from Marc Wayshak’s article, “Three Must-​Know Strategies for Getting Past that Monstrous Gatekeeper in Sales.”

1. Know EXACTLY WHO You’re Calling. Receptionists don’t have time for VAGUENESS. Know WHO you want to speak with. Be CONFIDENT. Don’t come off as a salesperson looking to SCORE a SALE.

2. Give Yourself an Air of MYSTERY. Don’t be TOO OPEN about yourself just because you shouldn’t be vague. Be INDEFINITE about who you ARE and what COMPANY you work for. When you’re asked where you’re calling from, politely give a GENERAL answer, like, “Chicago.”

3.Strike When the Guard is SLEEPING. Receptionists generally work nine to five, while your prospects likely work BEYOND these hours. Calling BEFORE or AFTER traditional work hours is your opportunity to let yourself in with NO RESISTANCE.

If you follow this advice, you MAY just be rewarded with a call that goes STRAIGHT to the prospective client.

That’s it for THIS edition of Media Sales Monthly. I’m Doug Lessells.