Stop Distractions from Killing Productivity

BY Jessica Helinski
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Distractions are a waste of time..YOUR time! Jill Konrath reports that on average, distractions take up an average of 2.1 hours each day. "And, to make matters worse, getting your mind back on track after you’ve been interrupted is a real challenge," Konrath explains. "It can take from 5 to 25 minutes to get back to the task at hand after even a minor interruption like a phone call, a quick email check or a game of solitaire on your cell phone – which is my downfall.."

These distractions can easily impact your productivity, but there are ways you can take back your time! First, Konrath advises focusing on prevention. Preventing distractions is within your power, and little things (like a "Do Not Disturb" sign or simple headphones) can make a big difference in warding off unwanted time killers.

Is you're still getting interrupted by co-​workers, or if you're being distracted by that game of pool in the break room, it's time to kick up your strategy a notch or two. Move to a different location. Hide out in the office conference room until you complete your big project. Or, take yourself and your laptop or table to a local  coffee shop where you can concentrate without worrying over whether you're being rude to co-workers.

Acknowledge that your time is valuable and take steps to stay productive. Check out the rest of Konrath's tips in the video!