Manage Smarter 248 — Wendy Swire: How to Stop Your Saboteur Brain

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Wendy Swire brings more than twenty years of expertise in executive and leadership coaching, organizational change management and leadership consulting. Working with Fortune 50 senior executives, as well as governmental and international organizations, Wendy specializes in teaching techniques for rewiring the brain to provide increased adaptability, resiliency and cognitive fitness.

Her background as a former Wall Street Banker and training as a diplomat makes her uniquely qualified to coach a diverse list of clients, including global audiences and leaders at all levels.

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In this podcast for sales managers and executive leadership, Audrey, and Wendy Swire discuss:

What are the Sage Brain and Saboteur Brain?

Wendy Swire introduces the concept of the Sage Brain and Saboteur Brain, highlighting the importance of the internal dialogue we have with ourselves. She explains that the Saboteur Brain is the part of the brain that automatically creates judgment, criticism, and stress, while the Sage Brain represents empathy, curiosity, innovation, purpose, and focused attention.

Recognizing and Managing the Saboteur Brain

Wendy emphasizes the need to recognize when the Saboteur Brain takes over and offers a three-​step process to interrupt the pattern:

  1. Self-​awareness: Recognize the presence of the Saboteur Brain and identify the specific saboteur voices.
  2. Pause and physical sensation: Engage in physical activities to interrupt the pattern, such as deep breathing or wiggling fingers.
  3. Shift to the Sage Brain: Cultivate empathy, curiosity, innovation, purpose, and focused attention to transition to the Sage Brain.

The Power of Sage Brain in Sales and Management

Wendy also discusses the application of Sage and Saboteur concepts in sales and management, highlighting the importance of empathy, curiosity, innovation, purpose, and focused attention in coaching and developing sales staff. She encourages managers to observe and inquire, while also recognizing the need to manage oneself and others with a fresh perspective. She also offers strategies to be better at coaching and developing sales staff out of negative self-talk

Dealing with Change and Building Trust

Finally, Wendy addresses the challenges of managing change and building trust, acknowledging the fear and pressure that individuals may experience. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing the gifts and opportunities in every challenge and advises against taking trust issues personally.

"Everyone knows the health benefits of staying in shape through physical fitness, but most leaders ignore their mental fitness which is equally important in their ability to be more adaptive and create success through laser-​focused results.”

Wendy Swire

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