Which Type of Presenter Are You?

by | < 1 minute read

There is something unnerving about standing up in front of a room full of people. While a lucky few can get up and deliver a smooth, witty presentation without a stutter, the rest of us have less control over our nerves. Public speaking can affect even the best salesperson, whether it reveals itself through a wavering voice, sweaty palms, or the constant interjecting of "uh's" and "um's" throughout the presentation. Business coach and author Jonathan Farrington has identified four categories of presentation-givers: The Avoider: Avoiders do everything possible to keep from having to stand in front of an audience. The Register: Registers are also extremely hesitant of speaking in public. They may not be able to avoid speaking as part of their job, but they never encourage it. The Acceptor: Acceptors will give presentations as part of the job, but do not seek opportunities to do so. The Seeker: Seekers actively look for opportunities to speak. They understand that anxiety can be a stimulant that fuels enthusiasm during a presentation. Obviously, we all would like to be a seeker, and Farrington believes that "even the most timid presentation-avoider can become an avid seeker." In his article, he outlines a basic plan to change one's mind-set when it comes to giving presentations. Click here to find out how to transform your nerves from a nuisance to an asset.

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