Who to Target with TV Ads during News Programming

BY Rachel Cagle
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Fake news is something most Americans are cautious of, especially nowadays. With so many news sources to choose from, which ones do consumers continue to turn to for what they feel are the most trustworthy news updates? According to Nielsen, they turn to the TV; and not just in their homes. They check out TV in locations outside the home as well. 

Who and Where?

Luckily for advertisers, tried and true out-​of-​home (OOH) news viewers have the tendency to be affluent. Specifically, the average OOH news viewer is 38 years old, has an average household income of around $73,000 and has an equal likelihood of being male or female.

Just like sports, OOH news viewing tends to be a social event with either family (60%), friends (51%) or colleagues (25%). Men generally tend to form the largest collective groups of viewers at any time. Where are these groups meeting?

  • Restaurants or bars: 53%
  • Another person’s home: 51%
  • Work: 38%
  • Gym or fitness center: 30%

TV's Influence

And these viewers aren’t just talking about the news they’re watching. Nielsen found that 43% of American adults ages 35 and older are likely to buy a product or service that they see advertised on a TV commercial while watching the news away from their homes. While a lesser percentage of millennials ages 25 to 34 may buy the same products after seeing them (39%), they’re far more likely to at least research what they see in ads. According to Nielsen, 62% of this younger age group will conduct research on a product showcased in TV commercials they see OOH. That’s 18% higher than consumers ages 35 and above. 

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