Why Local Businesses Need Voice Search

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How can advertisers possibly ignore optimizing their voice search efforts when 90% of consumers are using voice assistant? Not only that, according to an article on Search Engine Land by Greg Sterling, 41% of those users conduct at least one voice search every single day. Additionally, the frequency of local mobile searches has increased by 50% in just the past year.

Local Use

Do your clients still remain unconvinced that prioritizing voice search is worth their time? You should point out that voice search is an effective way to be discovered by new customers. Sterling says that about 40% of consumers use their voice-activated virtual assistants to search for, find directions to, and figure out the hours of local businesses. In fact, for 27% of consumers, that’s the main thing they use voice search for.

When consumers utilize voice search, they often are looking for products or services they can get ASAP. And it’s not just consumers who are looking for places to walk to. Sterling says that 88% of consumers who conduct voice searches to find nearby businesses usually look up driving directions immediately after finding a business that suits their needs.

Smartphones over Speakers

As voice gains a larger share of mobile search and single answer responses become more prevalent, marketers will need to optimize for snippets, offer more structured data and create more content to respond to natural language queries,” says Sterling. He points out that smartphones are the main device consumers are conducting voice searches on. While smart speakers are growing in popularity, they have not yet reached the level of usage smartphones achieve on a daily basis.

So, now you know that voice searching, especially on smartphones, plays a significant role in driving business to local retailers. But what types of retailers can benefit the most from search? Who, specifically, are the people using voice search and what other forms are advertising drive them to action? The answers to those questions and more can be found on the Voice-Activated Assistant Users’ audience profile on AudienceSCAN by AdMall from SalesFuel.

Rachel Cagle

Rachel Cagle

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