Where Will Americans be Watching Their 81 Minutes of Video per Day?

BY Rachel Cagle
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Did you know that, according to Bloomberg, 81 minutes will be the amount of time the average American spends PER DAY watching digital video by 2019? That’s a 20-​minute increase since 2016, and a study by Ooyala credits that jump to consumers’ increasing acceptance of longer videos.


Another contributing factor to the time increase is that the fact that digital video can be consumed on mobile devices now, not just desktops. Social media consumption has also grown and now accounts for 33% of online usage, according to GlobalWebIndex. Consumer access through mobile and social formats is contributing to the increase in digital video reach.


It’s no surprise that millennials and members of Generation Z are leading the digital video charge. Their digital video consumption is becoming primarily driven by mobile. According to a study conducted by Awesomeness, smartphones are the medium teenagers in particular use to consume 34% of their total media usage. Not only that, they watch around 70 videos. Every. Single. Day.


Mobile is also how more in the U.S. are staying updated on daily news. According to Pew Research Center, a whopping 85% of American adults now get updated on the latest news through their mobile devices. Social has added to the ease of accessing the news online, and as such, 33% of adults ages 18 to 24 mainly get their news updates from social media. In response, more content providers are releasing news reports through video.


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