Women Want Marketers to Understand Them; Marketers' Blog Outreach Efforts Must Be a Good Fit

Many marketers now comfortable with social media and the power of online product reviews have also started to lose their timidity about approaching bloggers.  In fact, consumer-spend-insightssome women bloggers report marketers may be becoming overeager.  Ketchum, conducting a survey of registrants for July's annual BlogHer conference found that nearly one-​half of respondents were contacted by PR professionals weekly. A further 30% got such messages on a daily basis. Some of that contact, however, appears to be unwanted. Respondents to the Ketchum study indicated that marketers were not doing the necessary research when looking to stir up online word-​of-​mouth about their products. Some bloggers reported hearing about offers that were not even available in their location.  According to the study, women would like marketers to read and understand their blogs before making contact, to make sure they are a good fit with the product or service being marketed. March 2009 data from BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners indicated that 8 million women in the US publish a blog.  The same study also found that 31% of women who read or posted to blogs did so to "provide advice and recommendations."  Women bloggers are more than willing to help marketers out — when it makes sense to do so. About 40% of Ketchum respondents said they had provided marketers with information collected on their blogs, and 53% said they would consider doing so if asked. "Our research at Ketchum shows that women want marketers to understand them, and the female blogger audience is saying the same thing, loud and clear," said Kelley Skoloda of Ketchum in a statement. As with all social media, it is crucial for marketers' blog outreach efforts to be a good fit for everyone involved: the brand, the blogger and the audience. Source: Data compiled from Ketchum, BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners, as cited on an August 13, 2009 online report by eMarketer.  Website: www​.emarketer​.com.

C. Lee Smith

C. Lee Smith

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