Wow Your Webinar Attendees Using These Tips

BY Jessica Helinski
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We’ve all been a part of webinars that just didn’t excite us, or spur us to action. “Webinars are an incredible avenue for providing thought-​leadership content to people who are curious about your industry,” writes Amy Balliett for Inc. “But lots of webinars fall short of audience expectations.” It’s time to give your webinars the boost they need and convert your attendees into buyers. She introduces five ways to make sure your next webinar is a total success. 

One tip is to make sure that the content you include is visually striking. Think about it: Webinars require a group of people to sit and look at a screen for an extended period of time. And, they aren’t getting a choice about what they are seeing. This often leads to attendees being easily distracted, especially if the webinar is lackluster. Balliett recommends going beyond basic text and stock images. “…opt for custom-​made data visualizations, icons, illustrations, video, and motion graphics to bring your presentation to life,” she suggests. “Custom visual content will more accurately and precisely communicate the ideas you're sharing and project the high value of your brand.” Attendees will value that the webinar is tailor-​made rather than just a generic presentation. 

Another suggestion is to offer a way to engage (other than immediately buying). There are so many ways you can create a call to action for attendees: Offer a whitepaper download, or allow attendees to request a recording of the webinar. Always send a follow-​up email to each person that includes more ways to engage, such as a link to a post you made on LinkedIn. As Balliett writes, “Audiences today want to feel empowered to pick their own path, so help them do that.”

These are only two of Balliett’s suggestions, and you’ll find that they all are easy to implement. Don’t waste another opportunity to engage and excite potential buyers. Make your webinars just one example of the stellar value you can deliver.