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Leverage the secret power of credibility for AEC industry firms (architecture, engineering and construction).

In the AEC industry, your business lives on the reputation earned by servicing clients. Whether the clients are commercial or residential, your work is on display. Potential clients regularly travel by the structures you designed and built.

Those structures will prompt prospects to search for you online. Your online reputation can sway the opinions of individuals issuing RFPs or seeking a contractor for a new project. To boost your reputation, you must employ the right online strategies.

If you want to win more new clients and have existing accounts refer you to others, then you need to check out SalesCred® PRO.

How SalesCred PRO can help you succeed in the AEC industry…

It's not about how much you believe in your team’s credibility. It's about how much your clients and prospects believe in you. SalesCred PRO can position you and your firm as industry authorities for both commerical and residential.

When you help your account managers and business development specialists increase their credibility, you'll will win bigger projects and keep more accounts longer. In addition, you will secure greater profitability for your firm.

How can your firm become known as the go-​to leader in your prospective client's projects? You must leverage the secret power of credibility first.

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Make a positive first impression as a well-​known expert.

For commercial projects, you need to become a known expert in your field to businesses seeking an AEC firm. For large or publicly-​funded projects, getting on the RFP list is key. Often, they’ll learn about potential AEC companies through online searches.

A consumer who plans to build their dream home may know very little about the construction process. Or they may be seeking a contractor with expertise in a niche sector such as passive solar. They turn to online resources to educate themselves and locate potential contractors.

What they find online about your team members also determines whether they will take the next step into the sales funnel. SalesCred PRO’s Digital CredCheck™ shows your client-​facing team members their digital score and coaches them on improving it.

Get the fair-​unfair advantage to win the RFP.

Acquiring new accounts is all about having a fair-​unfair advantage. Prospects don’t have to tell you about their business. In fact, they will be reticent to share their information because they don’t trust you as leader in the field.

Your business development team must give information to the prospect that they don’t know. The prospect will perceive your agency as a credible partner after that exchange.

Use SalesCred PRO’s real-​time business intelligence to demonstrate your knowledge of the AEC industry in which your prospect is operating. Even better, you’ll see exclusive buyer behavior that reveals how the prospects make decisions.

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Keep their trust to retain their account and earn referrals.

The average cost of responding to an RFP can easily exceed $10,000. You can reduce costs by retaining clients through relationship nurturing.

When your project managers use SalesCred PRO’s AI-​powered CredWriter™ to communicate with clients, they’ll correctly phrase their email messages. Based on AEC industry trends, those regular communications will build trust with the clients and increase the chances of additional project work.

Powered by proprietary SalesFuel research on buyer behavior, SalesCred PRO ensures that your efforts translate into profitable outcomes.

Earn the respect and recognition you deserve as one of the most credible architectural, engineering, and construction services companies.

Contact our strategists to discuss the best approach to optimize your team’s credibility and start winning your prospect's trust faster.

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