It's not how credible you think you are.
It's how credible they think you are.

You must establish credibility with every new contact
before you can become their "trusted advisor."
Yet only 1/​4 of Americans view salespeople as credible in what they say and do. [1]

Stop chasing leads and attract high-​value accounts you want.

Based on 30+ years of research and proven success by C. Lee Smith, SalesCred® empowers sales teams worldwide to multiply sales opportunities by: improving perception, accelerating trust-​building and by earning repeat business.

Ask us how.

Immersive Team

Make a strong first impression… and a second and a third.

63% of B2B buyers do a search on the salesperson before they'll talk to you. [2] That means you no longer get the chance to make your first impression. Google and LinkedIn do that now.

Today's buyers want more than just someone they "know, like and trust." Attract the type of accounts you desire most by showing up as someone who knows what they're talking about and knows how to help.

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SalesCred, sales credibility, trusted advisor, building trust, rapport

Get to trusted advisor status faster.

It’s not just about the product you sell. It's not even about your "personal brand." It’s about how each customer perceives you.

Reach "trusted advisor" status faster by first improving your credibility and establishing yourself as an expert that makes sense of complexity and solves high-​priority problems.

With SalesCred, you'll be able to serve your ideal customers in a more human-​centric, less scripted way that builds their confidence in you.

Gain access to the people and information that can close sales.

When considering a new solution provider, buyers research both the company and the salesperson before engaging — both must be credible.

For example, is your marketing believable? Is your company living up its stated values? How will each person on the project team be perceived?

Build your sales credibility to open doors to the high-​level contacts that can transform your book of business and gain access to sensitive information you need to close more sales.

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Get the respect and recognition you deserve.

There are plenty of bad salespeople out there. And their past actions have caused buyers to automatically distrust you before they get to know you.

That's one reason why 44% of millennial B2B buyers would prefer to never have to interact with a salesperson if they could avoid it. [3]

Stand apart from your competition, even if you're new to sales. Use SalesCred to improve your credibility with every prospect, so you can close more sales, delight more customers and earn more repeat business.

SalesCred - The Definitive Book on Sales Credibility by C. Lee Smith

We wrote the book on sales credibility, literally.

SalesCred®  is a team of experienced, real-​world experts who will unlock your ability to be seen as someone they actually want to do business with — digitally, virtually and in-person.

Founded by global sales credibility authority C. Lee Smith, SalesCred improves your professional presence, perception and power to influence high-​value customers. You'll also gain access to the strategies, sales intelligence and pre-​sales strategies you need in order to be seen an expert solutions provider in your best customer's field of business.

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Build your credibility to boost your sales.

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