Free E‑book: The 7 C's of Pre-​Sales Intelligence

BY Audrey Strong
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New Second Edition reveals what highly credible salespeople do before the call that ordinary salespeople don't

In his book, SalesCred, our CEO C. Lee Smith writes that sales credibility is how the buyer qualifies (or disqualifies) the seller. Credibility is the very thing that determines whether the buyer replies to your email, agrees to take a meeting or decides they want to do business with you.

Nowhere is this more evident to the buyer than the amount of effort the salesperson puts into sales preparation.

Salespeople who take a moment beforehand to find something of relevance to the buyer that they can share, instead of just winging it and trying to get by on personality, are perceived as more credible. They’re also more helpful and have a far greater chance of connecting the dots for the buyer.

If your role is to prospect for new business, it’s your job to study your buyer, their company and their business category. If your role is to support an existing account, you should know what’s changed since the last time you made contact.

What's Inside:

Sales professionals who struggle with building credibility can learn about the following key activities by reviewing this e‑book.

  • Sales preparation – Before you reach out to a prospect, you should collect and review information such as the industry they operate in, the solutions they offer, the customers they serve, and the companies they compete with.
  • Sales call intelligence – Sales calls have become high-​stakes, high-​pressure situations. Sales reps who prepare in advance by studying who they will be meeting with and what these individuals are most worried about will be seen as more credible.
  • Call intelligence – Every contact with a prospect whether it’s a call, email or in-​person visit requires sales reps to be up to date on the latest news and their company’s activity with the prospect. Diligent use of the CRM can save you time and help you move the deal through the pipeline. 

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