Credibility is the linchpin of trust, both within and beyond your organization. Yet a mere 26% of Americans perceive CEOs as credible in their words and actions. According to SalesFuel's 2023 State of Credibility in America study, there is a compelling link between leadership credibility and workforce motivation. If you want to know how to improve your executive presence and your team's performance, you need to watch this eye-​opening 60-​minute webinar that will change the way you think about building trust with your staff.

In this revealing webinar, SalesFuel CEO and Global Sales Credibility Authority C. Lee Smith will share his firm’s latest research to show you what today's B2B buyers want from you — and yes, what can keep them up at night. Including: The headwinds and challenges they expect for the next 3 years, where you fit into their buying, And crucially, the real reasons they aren't responding to your outreach—even when you've pinpointed them as a promising lead.

Based on his 30+ years of research and proven success, Global Sales Credibility Authority C. Lee Smith will show you how to multiply your sales opportunities by attracting the high-​value clients you want most, accelerating trust-​building, and earning repeat business. Lee will share insights from his Amazon bestseller SalesCred®: How Buyers Qualify Sellers on how to get the respect from buyers you deserve, plus fresh data from his firm's 2023 "Voice of the Buyer" study of more than 1,000 B2B decision-makers.

Brynne Tillman, CEO of Social Sales Link and the LinkedIn Whisperer, shares valuable tips and tricks for improving your digital credibility and connecting effectively on LinkedIn using ChatGPT. Discover the social selling mindset that shows buyers they matter to you, learn how to create a value-​centric profile, engage targeted connections, leverage client referrals, and master the art of securing appointments. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your LinkedIn presence in your field.

This enlightening session unveils the remarkable journey of Proforma, a company that epitomizes wealth creation, and significant sales growth in the B2B sector. Founder Greg Muzzillo delves into the captivating stories of failures, successes, unexpected shifts, and the invaluable secrets to success that were learned along the way. Gain practical insights into fostering credibility, driving sales growth, and positioning your organization for unparalleled success in the competitive world of B2B sales.

C. Lee Smith, SalesFuel CEO, and Michael Levy, WorkProud CEO, provide this insightful webinar that addresses one of the most pressing concerns for CEOs today: retaining existing talent — second only to recruiting new talent on CEOs' priority list. In this session, we will delve into the latest research findings, exploring the reasons why good employees choose to leave, and equipping you with data-​driven strategies and emotional intelligence techniques to extend their tenure within your organization. Discover the pivotal role that direct managers play in positively impacting employee retention and learn how to effectively address individual needs beyond compensation and benefits, creating a workplace environment that is "poach-​proof" for your team members. You will discover techniques to inspire your employees, fostering a sense of pride not only in the work they do but also in the overall organization.

Every year, media sales professionals share their top priorities, challenges, and expectations for the year ahead in the State of Media Sales Survey, co-​sponsored by SalesFuel, AdMall and BIA. In its 12th edition, this year’s survey boasts the highest number of respondents to deliver detailed insights valuable for planning, training, budgeting, and managing. Plus, the results show there is a (fairly) high level of optimism for the year even amid recession concerns. Join SalesFuel’s CEO, C. Lee Smith, and BIA’s VP Forecasting, Nicole Ovadia to get key findings from the survey and analysis.

A potential recession is on the mind of almost everyone. As local sellers set budgets and make plans for next year, the uncertainty is concerning. But its impact on local advertising revenue doesn’t have to be a foregone conclusion. There are always verticals that are more resilient during a recession if you know where to look – and adjust your sales tactics accordingly. View this webinar to see BIA and SalesFuel look ahead to 2023 to identify some of the top recession-​proof opportunities.

In the local advertising marketplace, one channel is worth noticing this year: Out-​of-​Home (OOH). Recent data points speak to the recovery this channel is experiencing post pandemic and the growth over the last year. Discussion includes; billboards, cinema advertising, transit advertising, other forms of OOH and the future for independent outdoor advertising companies. Join OAAA CEO Anna Bager and experts from SalesFuel and BIA Advisory Services as we examine this channel and identify opportunities for local sellers.

SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith and SalesIntel's David Reed discuss what the next evolution of sales processes looks like in the future. They also reveal: buyer behavior: before and during the sales process; the differences between younger buyers and Gen X and Baby Boomer decision-​makers; and 4 research-​based insights that will shape the next evolution sales process. During this insightful webinar, we unpacked SalesFuel’s latest Voice of the Buyer study which uncovers how purchase decisions are made in B2B organizations.

During this webinar, experts from BIA and SalesFuel discuss: local advertising estimates for OTT; OTT/​Free Ad Supported TV (FAST) Audience Profiles; top spending verticals on OTT; top spending verticals by growth. Key verticals in spend and growth for Local Sellers are profiled (Legal, Colleges & Universities, Real Estate, Hospitals, Dentists).

Are you worried about losing your top sales reps and managers? Then this free webinar is a can’t‑miss!  SalesFuel CEO and author of the bestseller "Hire Smarter, Sell More!,” C. Lee Smith joins a panel of industry experts as they discuss the Great Resignation: what it is, why it’s happening, and how your organization can use this information to attract (and to keep) the best sales talent. 

Filling open sales positions by recruiting quality talent from outside has always been a challenge, but even more so today. So why not turn your talent search inward — toward those who already believe in your company? In this insightful webinar, SalesFuel CEO and author of the bestseller "Hire Smarter, Sell More!,” C. Lee Smith, reveals the tactics necessary to identify and recruit high-​potentials from within.

consistently bring relevant ideas for improving it. Remarkably, HALF of U.S. salespeople don’t even look at the prospect’s website before making their first call. When salespeople take just a few minutes to do pre-​call preparation using this framework, they stand apart from their competition. During this follow-​up webinar to Lee's November 2021 session on Sales Credibility, you will learn the seven things to research before approaching a B2B decision-maker.

Did you know that only 1 in 4 North Americans view salespeople as credible in what they say and do? SalesCred™ author C. Lee Smith has fresh data from the "American State of Credibility Survey" and clearly analyzes how buyers qualify sellers. You'll find out what type of salespeople rank at the bottom of the list for perceived credibility with only 20% of consumers strongly agreeing or agreeing they are credible. You’ll also learn about the Credibility Realization Hierarchy, a 5‑layer framework that allows you to see where you are on the credibility hierarchy and what you need to do next to get to the next level. This 30-​minute session from the AA-​ISP Virtual Sales Summit will enlighten both sales managers and salespeople on what credibility is, the role it plays in sales, and how they can enhance their credibility in the five areas of the hierarchy.

Certified Behavioral Analyst and SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith teams up with Steven Sisler, behavioral mastermind and CEO of Behavioral Resource Group, to help you address one of the most pressing problems your sales team faces today — recruiting high-​potential sales talent and developing them into high performers.