Hiring a new salesperson is always difficult — especially in the current job market. But what if your next superstar is already employed by your company? Or what if they're already on your team — just in a different role? They could even be working in a non-​sales role for a business you frequent regularly. Certified Behavioral Analyst and SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith teams up with Steven Sisler, behavioral mastermind and CEO of Behavioral Resource Group, to help you address one of the most pressing problems your sales team faces today — recruiting high-​potential sales talent and developing them into high performers.

Did you know that only 1 in 4 North Americans view salespeople as credible in what they say and do? SalesCred™ author C. Lee Smith has fresh data from the "American State of Credibility Survey" and clearly analyzes how buyers qualify sellers. You'll find out what type of salespeople rank at the bottom of the list for perceived credibility with only 20% of consumers strongly agreeing or agreeing they are credible. You’ll also learn about the Credibility Realization Hierarchy, a 5‑layer framework that allows you to see where you are on the credibility hierarchy and what you need to do next to get to the next level. This 30-​minute session from the AA-​ISP Virtual Sales Summit will enlighten both sales managers and salespeople on what credibility is, the role it plays in sales, and how they can enhance their credibility in the five areas of the hierarchy.

Cold calling is evolving, and performed correctly, it can be a valuable part of the sales process. Having success, though, means tailoring your cold calling techniques to the digital landscape…and customers with new needs, priorities, and challenges. Watch our webinar to learn how cold calling has evolved through the years and what you can do today for success. From using a value-​based selling strategy to creating a strategic cold calling system, learn the techniques that transform cold calling into an effective, thoughtful part of your overall sales strategy. What’s the worst thing to do in cold calling? Actually going in cold! Learn how to up your cold calling game with today’s best practices.

Just when we thought the rapid growth of inside sales would slow down, we are once again faced with the ongoing challenge of how to find and hire competent sellers. Whether it is to fill a growing SDR/​BDR team, AM’s, AE’s or Customer Success, it’s never been harder to find just the right talent. This all-​star panel shares their own ideas, and tips on how to address one of our profession’s toughest challenges, in this 30-​minute session from the Fall 2021 AA-​ISP Virtual Sales Summit.

Sales teams who coach their sales reps on developing their skills, improving their mindset and boosting their motivation have a 15% performance advantage over those who do not, according to research from the Sales Management Association. But most sales team fail to realize these benefits through their current 1‑on‑1 coaching sessions. This 15-​minute presentation from the virtual stage of Selling Power's Sales 3.0 Conference gives you the highlights of what sales microcoaching is and how it will help you achieve that 15% lift by having your rep spend just 2 minutes a day.

Today's younger sales reps expect more feedback and coaching from their sales managers. And their sales managers are hustling to meet the demands of upper management, worrying about meeting quota and putting out the latest fire. Sound familiar? This is where Sales Microcoaching™ can help. C. Lee Smith, President/​CEO shares the benefits of this concept and best practices in this insightful webinar.

In the March installment of AdMall's and BIA's Local Digital Event Series, the focus was on Road Trips and all the business types that will be spending ad dollars to (safely) lure people out of their homes to hit the road after a year quarantining from the pandemic. Listen in to see the share of wallet between traditional and digital ad spend and to get local sales strategies. Includes: Hotels and Motels; Museums, Historical Sites and Other Venues ; Gambling and Lotteries ; and Other Motor Vehicle Dealers (RVs, Motorcycles, Boats, etc.)

As the pandemic took hold last year, consumers used the “stay at home” situation to improve their homesites. From plumbers, to HVAC companies, to flooring and gardens, ad spend of businesses in these sub-​verticals stayed steady and actually increased in a few areas, unlike many other verticals. Now what happens? BIA and SalesFuel believe there’s still plenty of opportunities to capitalize on the home improvement ad spending trends that are still in full force. By attending he February installment of AdMall's and BIA's Local Digital Event Series, we’ll help you identify: what’s next for home improvement opportunities so you focus on what’s most important; 2019, 2020 and 2021 forecast estimates so you can set benchmarks for your local team(s); share of ad spend by 9 sub-​verticals so you can see what the best opportunities are in your local market(s); and digital selling strategies so you can power up your local sales teams.

In the webinar, New Year, New Revenue, BIA and SalesFuel outlined local digital insights for 10 verticals you can use immediately for sales planning. The webinar covered the overall ad spend pie for 2021 and analyzed local digital opportunities for the Auto, Home Services, Healthcare, Financial/​Insurance and Restaurant verticals.

C. Lee Smith (President and CEO of SalesFuel) and Tom Buono (Founder and CEO of BIA Advisory Services) share insights and identify opportunities for growth as the recovery takes hold in the second half of 2020 and into 2021. They will forecast the post-​COVID-​19 local advertising rebound by examining the economic outlook and the drivers influencing consumers and advertisers. They also share insights on which verticals have the greatest potential for local advertising; how it will vary between markets and for various media types; and how to take advantage of a rebound late this year after the 2020 1st and 2nd quarter downturns.

Company decision makers want to be approached by informed salespeople that understand their line of business and relevant ideas to help them increase revenue. This webinar examined how to prepare to sell local digital marketing by examining 5 key factors like company types, ad preferences, demographics, verticals and selling strategies. Lisa Rigsby (SalesFuel) and Rick Ducey (BIA) shared strategies and tactics. Broadcast executives Stephanie Slagle (Graham Media Group) and Mike Hartel (Alpha Media) both shared digital success stories.

In today’s COVID-​19 economy, EVERY sales position counts! The good news is there has never been a deeper pool of talented salespeople to choose from in the past 10 years. The bad news is there have never been more toxic salespeople on the market. Is your hiring process geared for the unique challenges of hiring the right salespeople? During this webinar, Lee will share the latest research on sales hiring and insights from his new book Hire Smarter, Sell More!, including: The mindset of top sales performers and what to look for in the hiring process and the ”Four Fits” that should determine your top finalists.

What’s on the minds of local media sellers as they operate in a post COVID marketplace? Where do they expect to find ad revenue? What verticals will have the most potential in Q3 and Q4 in 2020? This webinar shares findings from the April 2020 study of media sales professionals about the past year and current, unusual conditions — plus BIA's latest post COVID estimates. The expert panel of C. Lee Smith (SalesFuel), Lisa Rigsby (AdMall) and Celine Matthiessen (BIA) provide analysis and good news for media sellers.

Stay-​at-​home orders in response to the coronavirus pandemic have shut down at least a quarter of the U.S. economy. As these restrictions are gradually lifted, sales activity will increase. Sales managers must prepare their teams for success during the choppy months ahead. While many challenges lie in our way, there are also many new post-​lockdown opportunities. During this webinar, Lee will share the latest data and his insights on how COVID-​19 has become a game changer for 2020 and beyond and the seven essential elements every recovery strategy must have for maximum revenue in the second half of 2020 and into 2021.

The COVID-​19 pandemic will have a profound impact on the local advertising landscape this year. Join SalesFuel and BIA for on-​demand viewing of this webinar. The CEOs of both firms, along with special guest Jeffrey Hayzlett, share their years of experience and combine their insights to identify valuable local market trends and opportunities for local sales efforts during economic crisis. They will concentrate on the three categories that have recently experienced the largest growth: Home and Trade, Legal, and Financial businesses and share the methods they have developed to help media sellers support local businesses. 

When hiring a salesperson, things are not always what they appear. They’re quick to tell you about the companies they’ve worked with or all the contacts they’ll bring. They may even have some positive numbers from their past. You might think you’re hiring a rainmaker, but if you’re not careful, all you'll get are storm clouds. During this webinar from Sales & Marketing Management magazine, you’ll learn about new research on what most sales managers look for in a new hire vs what they SHOULD look for; how to discover a diamond in the rough; and tips for bolstering your hiring process so toxic candidates don't slip through.