Top Secrets of Creating Wealth Through Revenue Growth

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In partnership with Sales and Marketing Management magazine, SalesCred presents this insightful webinar with Greg Muzzillo, Founder of Proforma.

In this informative session, we will delve into the multifaceted nature of wealth creation, extending beyond monetary gains to encompass the enrichment of our nuclear and business families, along with the betterment of our world. Prepare to glean practical lessons from a range of experiences, including setbacks and triumphs, as well as discover the fundamental principles that underpin success.

Explore the remarkable journey of Proforma, a testament to wealth creation, credibility, and substantial sales growth in the B2B sector. From its modest beginnings with a mere $200 investment in a phone answering machine and business cards, Proforma has evolved into a thriving $650 million dollar company. This session offers invaluable insights gained from this remarkable trajectory, including stories of failures, successes, unexpected changes, and key secrets to success.

Additionally, gain valuable insights into tailored sales growth techniques specifically designed for the B2B landscape, equipping you with the tools needed to outshine your competitors.

Proforma is a leading distributor of printing, promotional products, and custom packaging. The company was founded by Greg Muzzillo. His company's rapid growth and recognition on Inc. Magazine's list of fastest-​growing companies for three consecutive years led to the development of their franchise model which boasts over 500 franchise owners. Greg's impressive background in entrepreneurship, including serving on prestigious boards and hosting the Million Dollar Monday podcast.

This session is not an endorsement of investing in a Proforma franchise. No solicitation of franchising is made during this webinar.