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Voice of the
Sales Rep


1 in 4 of sales representatives have looked for a job in the past year that's outside the sales world.

SalesFuel's latest Voice of the Sales Rep study, conducted in April 2022, garnered insights from 852 self-​identified sales representatives across the US, covering various sales disciplines.

Across different industries, participants shared their motivations, frustrations, and what salespeople value in management, alongside reasons for changing employers. They also discussed what helps them improve at work and what would entice them to stay longer.

This data provides a comprehensive understanding of the sales professional’s working dynamics, aiding in creating a supportive environment that boosts performance and retains talent.


25% of sales reps say the number one detail that would make their team more successful is if co-​workers were more proficient.

Voice of the Sales Rep, 2022, SalesFuel​.com
Voice of the Sales Rep, co-​​workers, competency, high performing teams, employee retention, SalesFuel, TeamTrait

Nearly 25% of Gen Z sales professionals have read two or more books on sales this year.

Voice of the Sales Rep, 2022, SalesFuel​.com
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Challenging misconceptions and budget concerns are top selling weaknesses for 33% of Gen Z sales professionals.

Voice of the Sales Rep, 2022, SalesFuel​.com
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61% of sales professionals have encountered a toxic boss or co-worker.

Voice of the Sales Rep, 2022, SalesFuel​.com
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In the past year, only 29% of sales professionals have updated their LinkedIn profile.

Voice of the Sales Rep, 2022, SalesFuel​.com
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1/​4 of sales professionals are not clear about their path of advancement in their current position.

Voice of the Sales Rep, 2022, SalesFuel​.com
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Only 35% of Gen Z sales professionals check the prospect's website as part of their pre-​call research.

Voice of the Sales Rep, 2022, SalesFuel​.com
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Reviewing the inhouse CRM is the top method of pre-​call preparation for 36% of Gen X sales professionals.

Voice of the Sales Rep, 2022, SalesFuel​.com
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SalesFuel conducted our 3rd Voice of the Sales Rep study in April 2022. The sample consisted of self-​reported sales professionals who worked at companies with five or more sales professionals in the United States. 852 individuals completed the 20-​minute survey. These individuals also identified themselves as working in jobs with the following titles: account manager, business development, sales development, customer service, sales support, call center/​customer support representative, sales engineer, or sales operations.

To avoid over-​representation from any single industry, we capped participation at 36% for the technology/​information services/​SaaS industry and at 30% for the real estate industry. Contact us if you have additional questions about the study's methodology.