35% of sales managers say that it's harder to hire good salespeople than it was a year ago.[2]
The bigger problem is that it's easy to hire bad ones.

Our comprehensive Sales Aptitude Test uncovers whether they're likely to be a sales producer or sales impostor

With SalesFuel HIRE's sales aptitude test, sales managers will know for certain if their candidate truly possesses the knowledge of their craft that comes from experience and success. This sales assessment test was created by four of the world's top sales experts: Jeffrey Gitomer (Little Red Book of Selling), C. Lee Smith (SalesCred and Hire Smarter, Sell More!), Tony Alessandra (Be Your Own Sales Manager) and Jim Cathcart(Relationship Selling).

SalesFuel HIRE reveals tendencies in nine categories of sales competency:

Planning and Preparing

Targeting and Prospecting


Connecting with the Buyer

Social Selling





SalesFuel HIRE also delivers…


The Challenger Sale has become a popular sales methodology. It places salespeople in five unique styles based on the skills and behaviors they use when interacting with customers and prospects. SalesFuel HIRE will tell you which style fits each candidate best.


Are they a good fit for the job — or perhaps another opening in the company? SalesFuel HIRE measures Natural Job Fit scores for 10 types of positions in the typical sales department. Scores are based not only on the sales assessment test (sales competencies required for the job), but also mindset and the candidate's entire profile.


Will your future 1‑on-​1s be productive in making the salesperson better or frustratingly ineffective? Can a B candidate be developed into an A player? SalesFuel HIRE measures each candidate's Natural Coachability, plus their receptiveness to coaching in four key areas.


One assessment only gives you part of the story.
SalesFuel HIRE profiles use 3 psychometric assessments to reveal who your potential employee really is.
Hire better sales people with the SalesFuel HIRE sales hiring assessment

C players may be a good fit for the job, but high-​potential salespeople have Four Fits.
SalesFuel HIRE's comprehensive Candidate Profiles help reveal their Four Fits™ (or lack thereof.)

Job history tells you where they've been. Mindset tells you where they're going.

Behavioral Assessment

What energizes your candidate? Making things happen? Attracting people to them? SalesFuel HIRE measures behavioral tendencies like these for each candidate. It also reveals how they act when under the stress of a deadline or demanding customer.

Motivators Assessment

What motivates them to take action? Money? Independence? Power? Helping others? SalesFuel HIRE uses a unique assessment from behavioral mastermind Steven Sisler to show you which of the 7 primary motivators drive each candidate.

Empathy + Decision Making

Will they exaggerate the positive or overlook the negative? Do they have empathy for others? Are they escaping their old job? SalesFuel HIRE reveals how candidates are likely to make decisions on the job and whether they aspire to survive or thrive in your company.

Workplace Behavior

Will they bring their 'best selves' to work… or something else? SalesFuel HIRE's Work Tendencies will show you what you're likely to get when the chips are down, measuring 15 commonly-​desired characteristics among high-​performing salespeople.

Toxic Employee Warnings

There are 13 types of toxic personalities among salespeople that, if hired, can drain the time and energy of their manager, the morale of their co-​workers, and eventually, the finances of the company. SalesFuel HIRE acts as an early warning system that flags the candidates that pose the highest risk.


In 2020, 2/​3 of salespeople said they've worked with a toxic co-​worker or worked for a toxic manager.
How does it usually end? Either dismissal of the toxic employee or departure of the affected salespeople.[1]

Avoid the Costly Mistake of Hiring One of the 13 Types of Toxic Salespeople

Can you identify all 13 Types of Toxic Salespeople when you interview?

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Use data as "another set of eyes" to offset unintentional biases and make better hiring decisions

Sales Managers

SalesFuel HIRE was built specifically for profiling salespeople — putting talent analytics in the vital job context that personality sales hiring assessment tests lack.


The SalesFuel HIRE sales hiring assessment alerts hiring managers what to watch for during the selection process with fast, actionable insight that doesn't require a high-​priced consultant to understand.


Bad sales hires cost you lost time, money and opportunity — as much as 233% of the position's annual compensation. SalesFuel HIRE sales hiring profiles significantly reduces this risk.


The SalesFuel HIRE sales hiring assessment test provides recruiters with key analytics to give you the fair-​unfair advantage in placing candidates in the best roles for them.


SalesFuel is a Top 1- Sales Enablement Solutions Provider recognized by Selling Power
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C. Lee Smith is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst


Plenty of people work in sales, but not so many people have formal college-​level education and training in the field. Do you have a good digital sales assessment?

In today’s COVID-​19 economy, EVERY sales position counts! The good news is there has never been a deeper pool of talented salespeople to choose from in the past 10 years. The bad news is there have never been more toxic salespeople on the market. Is your hiring process geared for the unique challenges of hiring the right salespeople? During this webinar, Lee will share the latest research on sales hiring and insights from his new book Hire Smarter, Sell More!, including: The mindset of top sales performers and what to look for in the hiring process and the ”Four Fits” that should determine your top finalists.

Are you struggling in your quest to hire your next sales manager, even after you review the results of the sales hiring assessment? We all know that the core functions of business are: the vision and development of the key product or service and selling.

Last week, we posted anecdotal evidence about Gen Z job applicants and how they prefer an informal interview structure when they’re determining which company they want to work for. That evidence may be true to some extent, but young job seekers also favor tough skills tests, including a thorough sales assessment test. 

Digitization and big data continue to transform the business world. Employers have taken to using a digital sales assessment system in a big way, and some company execs now have to ask themselves if their behavioral assessment practices are legal.

As a hiring manager, you want to know that the candidate you bring on board won’t let a few setbacks derail them. The sales profession is full of disappointments, so you need to hire for resilience and a digital sales assessment can tell you who has that quality.