AdMall's Digital Audit Assists AE Close of $62,000 Automotive OTT Package

BY Adam Ambro
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Leah Harrelson, an account executive from Spectrum Reach, has won multiple Sell Smarter awards over the years. So, when she submitted a story about reaching out to a local automotive dealer, it was no surprise she was able to use AdMall to close another big sale.

The business owner has been very traditional with his methodology,” said Harrelson. “It has taken me time to build trust, and it seems like he is finally taking some of my insights and putting them to use. The dealership was wanting to make sure that he was placed best for growth going into 2024.”

I knew I had to get into AdMall to see what I could find to build my plan. Their goal is to keep their market sales volume as is and try to garner more share from a direct competitor down the road, as [my area in North Carolina] is an incredibly saturated market for automotive.”

Using Admall’s digital audit, we were able to uncover their target customers, [and] where they are currently running display ads. I then went into their audience profile to take the data from there to show the interaction. We looked into the market intelligence for top spending [ZIP codes] to identify placements.”

Admall had [the ability] to show all of this. How his spending aligns geographically, as well as how his customers react to the advertising areas he is currently buying.”

Harrelson sold the automotive dealer on a campaign centered around audience-​targeted traditional TV, along with a Streaming/​OTT package. Altogether, Harrelson improved the company’s year-​over-​year revenue growth by 37.5% and closed the annual campaign for $62,000.

For people not using AdMall to its fullest capabilities, Harrelson had a fairly blunt response.

If you aren’t using AdMall, you are choosing to do business the hard way,” said Harrelson. “Tap into this team and their resources if you want to maximize your bandwidth and earnings.”