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social media targeting
How to Use Social Media Targeting to Connect with Rural Residents

Rural and city dwellers don’t have much in common, so why is your client targeting them with the same ads? One thing they do have in common is their use of social media. But you need to practice social media targeting to get the most out of your client’s advertising efforts.

audio commercial
How to Boost Revenue with an Audio Commercial

Don’t let your client dismiss your idea for an audio commercial. Written and visual ads have their place, but they’re usually not as influential as ads that are heard. Here’s what you need to know.

Digital Marketing Solutions
Why the Best Digital Marketing Solutions Incorporate Video Game Ads

86% of marketers say that video game advertising is of growing importance to their brand, according to an IAB report. It’s so important that spending reached $7.53 billion in 2023 and is expected to increase to $11.49 billion by 2027. Here’s what your client needs to know about the importance of incorporating video game ads to their digital marketing

CTV Ad Inventory
How to Show Clients the Power of Your CTV Ad Inventory

It’s only a matter of time until TV is 100% digital, says Innovid in a recent report. If your client is still focusing on traditional TV instead of building a CTV ad inventory, they’re falling behind. Don’t let them be left out.

social marketers
Social Marketers: These Tactics Will Get You Cancelled

Having a lot of loyal followers on social media can be a double-​edged sword. Posts get lots of attention, but they could also get a lot of backlash if the wrong thing is posted. Here’s what social marketers need to know to avoid having their client’s brand cancelled.

direct mail advertising
Here’s How Direct Mail Advertising Delivers Results

Digital media definitely rules the roost in the day to day lives of consumers today. Yet, consumers who are ready to make purchases still love direct mail advertising. Here’s what makes direct mail such an effective ad medium your client shouldn’t be overlooking.

effective email marketing
This Effective Email Marketing Strategy Leads to Top Results

The power of email marketing can’t be denied. But how is your client supposed to stick out when every brand and their mother are using email? By using effective email marketing strategies, of course.

best social media marketing
The Best Social Media Marketing Avoids These Mistakes

Social media marketing is a HUGE part of acquiring new customers and inspiring customer loyalty. But 52% of consumers are exhausted by self-​promotional social content, according to a report by Hootsuite. It’s time your client learned how to craft the best social media marketing they can.

out-of-home advertisements
Out-​​of-​​Home Advertisements Unlock Access to Strong ROI for Marketers

94% of marketers agree that out-​of-​home advertisements surprise and delight consumers more than other ad types, according to onescreen​.ai. These types of ads succeed where digital ads fail while still being able to bring digital aspects to traditional spaces. So, why isn’t your client dedicating more of their budget to OOH?

digital strategies
Auto Dealers Invest in These Digital Strategies to Boost Revenue

2024 is finally the year that the auto industry is expected to make a full recovery from the COVID-​19 pandemic. But that doesn’t mean auto dealers are comfortable spending as much on advertising as they did pre-​pandemic just yet. While traditional ads are important, dealers should focus more on digital strategies going forward.

digital marketing success
Achieve Digital Marketing Success with Amazing Customer Reviews

Did you know that 96% of consumers read reviews before choosing which business to make purchases from? The word of other consumers is gospel while what brands say about themselves doesn’t mean much in comparison. So, if your client wants to achieve true digital marketing success they need to inspire lots of positive reviews.

Content Marketing Objectives
New Content Marketing Objectives: First-​​Party Data Collection

How is your client supposed to get personalized ads to current and potential customers with cookies decreasing everywhere? This data loss needs to be made up for, and brands are updating their content marketing objectives to do so. Is your client ready for the age of first-​party data?

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