Manage Smarter 241 — Steve Shenbaum: Gamification for Better Managing

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Steve Shenbaum is the founder of Game On Nation, a nationally recognized communication firm that employs game dynamics and improvisation to teach high-​performance teamwork as well as communication, story-​telling, public-​speaking and presentation skills.

In this podcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, and Steve discuss:

  • How gamification can help you become a better manager and leader
  • Why younger workforce members respond more to games within the workplace
  • Tangible exercises for you to use to bring out your team members’ authentic selves and to learn more about what they REALLY want to succeed
  • Specific ways to run your staff meetings to create a higher level of engagement and enthusiasm

"We are all presenters, and that presenting is not exclusive to the noisiest, the loudest, the most dynamic person in the room…especially when we define “presenting” as any interaction with others.”

Steve Shenbaum

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