Pre-​Sales Research Infographics

Salespeople who take a moment beforehand to find something of relevance to the buyer you  can share are perceived as more credible. You’re also able to ask smarter discovery questions that give you the insight needed to close deals.

Pre-​Sales Research Solutions

For more than 30 years, SalesFuel has provided B2B sales teams with the competitive advantage from superior pre-​sales research.

Quick Takes on Sales Preparation

fragrance market sales
How to Boost Your Client’s Fragrance Market Sales

Read to learn more about how event marketing and other effective tactics reach niche consumers and increase brand awareness for fragrance market sales.

good discovery questions
What Makes Good Discovery Questions?

Do you know what makes good discovery questions? How do you decide which questions to ask during discovery?

discovery call
How to Quickly Get Your Prospect’s Attention During a Discovery Call

A discovery call is a big opportunity to capture a buyer’s interest and uncover if their business is worth pursuing. But keeping busy buyers on the phone is a major challenge. 

millennials consumer electronics purchases
Millennials Drive E‑commerce and Consumer Electronics Purchases

Millennials are heavy users of consumer electronic devices and ecommerce. This generation of consumers currently between the ages of 27 and 42 also heavily influence which consumer electronics purchases their families and friends use.

consultative sales approach
Insider Questions for Game-​Changing Consultative Sales Approach Results

Questions are a cornerstone of a consultative sales approach. But sellers need to ask the right questions to make their efforts effective.

discovery questions
Why Discovery Questions Have A Big Impact With This Discovery Approach

Have you heard of consensus gathering in sales? It’s a unique perspective on getting valuable information from prospects, and it involves a blend of discovery questions, multithreading and a little bit of strategizing.

How Mastering the Art of Conversation Improves Your Selling Skills

Combine the principles of effective conversation with your selling skills to exchange information and build relationships.

Best Ways to Leverage Consumer Behavior to Drive Sales

As you’re pitching your media space and digital marketing services, your clients usually want to know one thing: How to leverage consumer behavior to drive sales.

sales discovery questions
3 Unique Sales Discovery Questions From Top Sellers

Do your sales discovery questions need to be refreshed? It might be time to consider at least adding one or two new ones to your process, especially if you’re like the 20% of sellers who say discovery questions are a top challenge. 

Life Insurance Companies Should Target 31–45 Age Group to Acquire Younger Customers

Life insurance is a topic consumers want to know more about. And the recent pandemic gave them the nudge they needed.

How to Ask the Best Discovery Questions for Sales

Fearless and skillful discovery questions for sales release important facts, reveal hidden agendas and will strengthen the bonds between you and your prospect.

call structure
Use Sales Call Mapping to Create A Winning Call Structure

Following a sales call structure is key to outreach success, which is why sellers need to prioritize call mapping. Even if you think you will perform better by winging it, you will be more successful if you follow a structured process. 

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