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C Lee Smith, SalesFuel, SalesCred, AAF, NSAC, sales credibility, advertising intelligence, marketing intelligence, marketing research
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SalesFuel leverages critical insights that enable our clients to attract, grow and retain their best employees and customers.

Every member of your company has an impact on sales — either directly or indirectly.

We believe that business today must be data-​driven, adaptive, caring, and consultative. It's all about intelligence — the kind of vital information you can't find on Google or LinkedIn. But it's also about knowing how to leverage that intelligence into productivity — and our team of sales, marketing and management strategists are here to guide you every step of the way.

SalesFuel was founded by C. Lee Smith in Columbus, Ohio in 1989. Originally known as Sales Development Services, we shortened our name to better describe the value we bring. Sales is the revenue engine of your company. We provide the fuel.

By empowering our 500+ active clients to deliver greater value to their clients, SalesFuel® has achieved revenue growth every year for 30 consecutive years. We can make your sales grow too. Let us show you how!


You can never really pay back.
You can only pay forward.

– Woody Hayes

SalesFuel believes a company should be about more than making money. A portion of our profits goes to support causes that are important to the SalesFuel team. Among them…

  • AAF NATIONAL STUDENT AD COMPETITION – SalesFuel’s AdMall for Agencies is one of only five market research firms to sponsor the American Advertising Federation’s National Student Advertising Competition. This competition pits student teams from the largest U.S. colleges against each other to provide an effective advertising campaign for one of the nation’s leading brands.
  • OHIO UNIVERSITY SALES CENTRE – SalesFuel is the first corporate sponsor for the program’s media/​advertising certificate. The Sales Centre is one of only a handful of college programs nationwide that teach the art and the science of professional, consultative sales. Many SalesFuel team members are Ohio University alumni.
  • PELOTONIA – Led by our company CEO, SalesFuel supports the annual Pelotonia bicycling tour in Central Ohio as a means to raise funds for cancer research at the James Cancer Hospital at the Ohio State University. We’re also actively involved the American Cancer Society’s Pan Ohio Hope Ride and the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure as well as many other charity fitness events.
  • NSAC MARKETING RESEARCH AWARD – SalesFuel’s AdMall for Agencies also provides the Best Use of Marketing Research award to one collegiate team each year. Teams are judged by NSAC judges for their use of marketing research from any source in the development of the campaign. The winning team receives a unique glass trophy and a $1,000 grant for their collegiate ad club.
  • ARMY NATIONAL GUARD ‑SalesFuel provides those who wish to serve our country special benefits. Our support of our armed forces is done with pride and enthusiasm, not out of obligation.

SalesFuel also provides all full-​time employees with paid time off for volunteering, serving on boards, coaching youth sports or other community service activities.