February 19, 2021

Denise Gibson Promoted to Director of AdMall Sales

SalesFuel® has promoted Denise Gibson to Director of AdMall Sales. An award-winning salesperson, she oversees sales and client relationships for our AdMall sales intelligence solution for media and agencies. “Denise has been a key part of the growth of SalesFuel since 2002. She has built strong relationships with our clients who depend on her for media industry insights and strategic guidance,” said C. Lee Smith, CEO of SalesFuel. Previously, Denise worked as our Senior Sales Strategist and as one of our Sales Development Managers.

December 1, 2020

SalesFuel launches new Sales Manager Training program in alliance with TopLine Leadership

Gearing up for 2021, heads of sales need to ensure their sales managers have a laser-like focus on developing their teams and driving revenue. SalesFuel’s Sales Manager Training is based on Kevin Davis’ bestselling book The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness: 10 essential strategies for leading your team to the top.  This comprehensive training program and upskills sales managers so they can be more effective team leaders who can achieve consistent sales growth. In addition, the program has been integrated with SalesFuel HIRE, the most comprehensive talent assessment solution for hiring salespeople, and SalesFuel COACH, a developmental sales coaching solution. Heads of sales often face a missing link between their vision for driving profitable growth and how sales managers are implementing it. Those who can benefit most from this online course have sales managers who are: Struggling to achieve consistent sales growth Losing deals your company should have won Overwhelmed by distractions, moving from crisis to crisis with no time for …

October 8, 2020

Fewer than 1 in 3 consumers find salespeople credible. New book, SalesCred, analyzes how buyers qualify sellers and how salespeople can become more credible

SalesFuel’s recently conducted American State of Credibility survey finds that car salespeople rank at the bottom of the list for perceived credibility with only 20% of consumers strongly agreeing or agreeing they are credible. And fewer than one in three consumers (28.4%) view salespeople who sell something other than automobiles as credible. C. Lee Smith’s new book SalesCred™ which reveals how salespeople build (and lose) credibility. According to Smith, salespeople often talk about qualifying the buyer. Instead, they should examine how the buyer qualifies the seller. How the buyer perceives the seller has significantly more impact on whether a sale is made than how the seller perceives the buyer. This is why building Sales Credibility is so important.

August 10, 2020

Make EVERY Sales Position Count With New Book "Hire Smarter, Sell More!" by International Bestselling Amazon Author C. Lee Smith

In today’s challenging business environment, many skilled salespeople are available for hire – but many toxic types are too. Hiring a toxic salesperson can cost companies 133–213% of their annual compensation. * International bestselling Amazon author C. Lee Smith’s new book “Hire Smarter, Sell More!" is an actionable sales journal that taps into talent analytics – data-based insights into the behaviors, attitudes, personality traits, and sales aptitude of your candidate pool – to enable better hiring decisions. “With downsizing and uncertainly from COVID-19, there are more good salespeople available than in the past 10 years, so it’s a great time to hire if you can,” says Smith. “If you’re sitting on openings or making changes, now is the time to overhaul your hiring process so you are prepared when we emerge from the pandemic. It will mean you’ll protect your team from a toxic hire and rebound with a rock star choice.” In July 2020, “Hire Smarter, Sell More!” reached top international positions in Amazon Bestseller categories including: …

August 10, 2020

SalesFuel’s AdMall Presents “Best Consumer Revenue Initiative Award” at Local Media Digital Innovation Awards

SalesFuel and AdMall are proud to sponsor and present the “Best Consumer Revenue Initiative Award” at the Local Media Digital Innovation Awards at LMA’s Digital Summit this week. The award recognizes the exceptional strategy and execution of a new consumer revenue initiative. This can include digital subscriptions, membership, e‑commerce, targeted marketing, data mining, and other revenue opportunities for local media. Winners for 2020 are: Large company category First Place: The Seattle Times | Seattle, Wash.A comprehensive audience strategy driven by a robust investment in tools and technology and a first-rate user experience. Curated newsletters, improved mobile page speed, and deep user analytics are all core tenets of this successful model. The Analytics Hub is an industry-leading initiative that builds buy-in and accountability throughout the newsroom by informing content decisions that resonate with subscribers. www​.seattletimes​.com Small company category First Place: The Daily Memphian | Memphis, Tenn.From launch to ~12,000 paid digital subscribers in 18 months. The Memphian has achieved great traction with its subscription …

August 10, 2020

C. Lee Smith Shares How to Hire Smarter to Sell More in Challenging Times

If you get your new sales hire right it can mean great things for hitting your growth targets. But get it wrong, or worse, hire a toxic troublemaker, and the costs can be over a million for each error. So, how do you make sure you are only hiring the best for your organization and customers, and you on-board and enable them correctly? Tom Pisello explored these tough questions with sales performance author, podcaster and expert C. Lee Smith recently on the Evolvers sales podcast.

June 22, 2020

In the Age of Remote Working, No Distance is Too Far for Sales Coaching

SalesFuel®  COACH is a developmental sales coaching solution now available to sales teams worldwide SalesFuel®, which has provided sales teams with the power to “Sell Smarter®” since 1989, announces the global launch of the next version of SalesFuel COACH, the developmental sales coaching solution. Released originally in April 2019, SalesFuel COACH has been upgraded for teams whose sales reps are in the office and working remotely worldwide. In fact, studies show remote workplaces will remain long after COVID-19, with Global Workplace Analytics estimating that 25–30% of the workforce will be working from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021.  Built on scientific assessments, SalesFuel COACH enables managers to recognize the specific areas of improvement for each rep and provides a continually-updated, personalized playbook for each member of their sales team. The assessments measure strengths and weaknesses in key areas, such as people skills, motivations, workplace behavior, decision-making skills, and of course, sales skills. The updated version of SalesFuel …

June 8, 2020

University of Missouri Wins AdMall "Best Use of Marketing Research” Award at National Student Ad Competition

Creating a fully integrated, “real world” marketing and advertising plan for one of the world’s best-known tea and soda companies paid off big for the University of Missouri. They are the winners of the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) AdMall “Best Use of Marketing Research” Award during this year's American Advertising Federation (AAF) national conference. For the 11th year, the AdMall “Best Use of Marketing Research Award” was presented to the team that best demonstrated the use of any source of market research in the development of their campaigns. As a research partner for the annual competition, AdMall provides access to its database of market research reports to all competing teams. “Congratulations to The University of Missouri NSAC team on their award,” says SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith. “AdMall’s continuing support allows NSAC students to access information to support their campaign creation and brand recommendations using real-world research data we provide. This annual competition clearly illustrates the importance of research …

May 19, 2020

Study Shows Teams Hit Hard by Job Losses Expect Recovery

A new annual study shows while some media sales/executive managers are optimistic about emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic in the next 30–60 days, the pressures of the coronavirus and sales environment are creating nearly historic levels of unhappiness and potential churn for media sales teams. This is likely because the ad industry was hit hard by job losses this year. These are just some of the findings in SalesFuel’s “2020 State of Media Sales” Study. SalesFuel, a leading firm of sales, marketing, and management strategists, surveyed 820 self-identified media sales professionals in mid-April 2020 about the past year and current, unusual conditions. The results are a real-time eye opener to the current snapshot of the media sales environment. PROJECTIONS ON EMERGENCE FROM COVID-19/CURRENT STATE OF REVENUE AFTER HARD HIT BY JOB LOSSES About 35% of sales managers believe their April revenue drop will exceed 50%. For March 2020, 33% of sales managers expected a 20%-50% hit to revenue. Digital media sellers, …