SalesFuel Launches Enhanced Feature to Safeguard Against Toxic Hirings

 Sales­Fu­el®, pro­vid­ing sales teams with the pow­er to “Sell Smarter” since 1989, is enhanc­ing the Can­di­date Pro­files hir­ing fea­ture of its recent­ly launched Sales­Fu­el COACH plat­form. Sales­Fu­el COACH Can­di­date Pro­files is a dig­i­tal solu­tion built on sci­en­tif­ic assess­ments and behav­ioral diag­nos­tics that enables hir­ing man­agers to “hire smarter,” quick­ly uncov­er­ing the true iden­ti­ty of the can­di­date, pro­vid­ing pre­dic­tive

C. Lee Smith Featured on Businesses That Care Podcast

Busi­ness­es That Care pod­cast host Julie Ann Sul­li­van writes: "When doing research on the com­pa­ny and Lee, I was intrigued by his phi­los­o­phy that every mem­ber of a com­pa­ny has an impact on sales. I couldn’t agree more. That enlight­en­ment is essen­tial for great lead­ers to suc­ceed AND the pow­er it has for every mem­ber of the work­force is amaz­ing. In episode 197, Lee touch­es on all four attrib­ut­es that cre­ate a thriv­ing busi­ness cul­ture; Lis­ten­ing, Open to New Ideas, Life­long Learn­ing and Safe Envi­ron­ment.

SalesFuel CEO Talks Sales Enablement on Training Unleashed

Co-host Evan Hack­el sits down with C. Lee Smith, CEO and Founder of Sales­Fu­el – a Colum­bus, Ohio-based firm that was named one of the Top 15 Sales Enable­ment Ven­dors in 2019 by Sell­ing Pow­er — for the April 15, 2019 episode of the Train­ing Unleashed pod­cast. Evan and C. Lee Smith dis­cuss sales strate­gies, train­ing for larg­er com­pa­nies, adap­tive learn­ing, var­i­ous suc­cess sto­ries and more.

SalesFuel CEO Talks About Rep's Role in the Customer Journey on "Crack the Customer Code"

C. Lee Smith stress­es the impor­tance putting sales first on your cus­tomer jour­ney dur­ing an inter­view on the "Crack the Cus­tomer Code" show on C‑Suite Radio. He says that the suc­cess­ful and prop­er use of your prod­uct or ser­vice is the solu­tion. This is where the sales­per­son comes in with the human ele­ment in giv­ing cus­tomers that push. It doesn’t stop there though, get­ting the best rep­re­sen­ta­tive means get­ting the right fit for your com­pa­ny, one who cares about the com­pa­ny, the prod­uct and the cus­tomers.

Eradicate The "No Time For Sales Coaching" Epidemic! Disruptive New Adaptive Sales Coaching™ Platform Can Be The Key To Unlocking A 35% Increase In Win Rates

Sales­Fu­el® COACH uses dig­i­tal assess­ments to avoid cost­ly hir­ing mis­takes, help sales man­agers 10x team per­for­mance Sales­Fu­el®, pro­vid­ing sales teams with the pow­er to Sell Smarter® since 1989, announces the launch of Sales­Fu­el® COACH, a data-driven, adap­tive sales coach­ing plat­form designed for sales man­agers to reveal and bridge the skill gaps that chal­lenge their sales teams

C. Lee Smith Featured on WABC Radio in New York

Sales­Fu­el CEO C. Lee Smith was the fea­tured guest on Mind Your Busi­ness on 77 WABC radio in New York. The inter­view cov­ered many top­ics includ­ing: how to build your employ­ees into a strong sales team; how to iden­ti­ty a “tox­ic” employ­ee; the most effec­tive way to train your sales team; what is “adap­tive sales coach­ing” and more.

SalesFuel CEO Featured on The Bob Pritchard Radio Show on VoiceAmerica Business

C. Lee Smith was the fea­tured guest on the March 12, 2019 episode of the The Bob Pritchard Radio Show. Bob Pritchard is a high­ly regard­ed expert with a track record of iden­ti­fy­ing the issues fac­ing busi­ness­es and deter­min­ing sim­ple solu­tions to make them high­ly prof­itable. His show airs week­ly on the VoiceAm­er­i­ca Busi­ness Chan­nel.

SalesFuel and its CEO Named By Selling Power as “2019 Top 15 Sales Enablement Vendors” and “Leading Sales Consultant”

Sales­Fu­el is proud to announce its nam­ing to two of Sell­ing Pow­er Magazine’s major #sales lists. Sales­Fu­el CEO C. Lee­Smith is named to Sell­ing Power’s inau­gur­al, annu­al list of “Lead­ing Sale­s­Con­sul­tants”.  Sales­Fu­el as acom­pa­ny is also named as one of Sell­ing Power’s “2019 Top Sales Enable­ment Ven­dors”,join­ing 14 oth­er top com­pa­nies. Sell­ing Pow­er says the

Disrupting Sales Management through Adaptive Sales Coaching™

New data from Sales­Fu­el shows that dis­rupt­ing sales man­age­ment via a unique con­cept called Adap­tive Sales Coach­ing™ can boost team per­for­mance and rev­enue. Adap­tive Sales Coach­ing com­bines adap­tive learn­ing and microlearn­ing to encour­age buy-in from both the sales­per­son and the sales man­ag­er for bet­ter, faster col­lab­o­ra­tion and team-focused results. Accord­ing to the 2017 Sales Man­ag­er

SalesFuel® Launches SalesFuel COACH – A Disruptive New Coaching Platform That Adapts To The Needs Of Each Individual Sales Rep and Manager

A salesperson’s suc­cess in clos­ing deals (“win rates”) is 35% high­er when using a for­mal coach­ing process, com­pared to leav­ing it up to man­agers to do it on their own, accord­ing to 2017 research from CSO Insights. Yet despite the poten­tial mil­lions in rev­enue gains, a new 2018 study by the Asso­ci­a­tion of Tal­ent Devel­op­ment