May 17, 2023

SalesFuel is pleased to announce it has been included on Selling Power’s Top Sales Training Companies 2023 list https://​bit​.ly/​3​o​Z​q​k2r. According to Selling Power publisher and founder Gerhard Gschwandtner, quality sales training is more important than ever. “As the economy continues to slow, accelerating sales becomes increasingly critical to a company’s success. The right sales training delivered at the right time can be the secret ingredient to a company not only

March 21, 2023

SalesFuel, a leading provider of sales intelligence, announced the results of its 12th annual State of Media Sales™ survey in conjunction with BIA Advisory Services. The survey reveals nearly 25% of responding media sales managers expect to see a revenue increase of more than 10% in 2023, reflecting optimism for the future of the industry. And there’s even more positivity among sales professionals.

October 3, 2022

AdMall data shows Jewelry, Athletic Footwear and Computers also among big 4th quarter opportunities With the Federal Reserve raising interest rates again and inflation still going up, sales teams need more local marketing intelligence than ever to make the case for an advertising buy. AdMall’s data and fresh 2022 AudienceSCAN research is revealing some 4th quarter opportunities sales reps should take note of heading into October.  When budgets get tight, AdMall sees the demand for

August 31, 2022

TeamTrait™ helps companies recruit internally and increase promoting from within Job Fit, Manager Fit, Company Fit, and Customer Fit. What do these all have in common? They comprise “The Four Fits Methodology” in the TeamTrait software that can help companies increase promotion from within and boost employee retention rates.  TeamTrait is proud to announce it is now available to all types of company teams, after originally launched as a product to hire, optimize and retain

August 18, 2022

SalesFuel® research also reveals exploding consumer demand for OTT Media Streaming and Reliable Home Contractors As the U.S. emerges out of COVID and into the endemic, consumer demand for better employment opportunities, OTT Media Streaming (over-​​the-​​top streaming video platforms) and reliable home services contractors is exploding in the U.S. That’s what SalesFuel is finding among more than 15,500 U.S. consumers in 2022 from their exclusive AudienceSCAN® research, now in its 13th year.

June 21, 2022

Company also named a “Top Sales Enablement Vendor” for fourth year in a row In a streak both CEO and company hope to keep going for years to come, SalesFuel is proud to announce its CEO, C. Lee Smith, has been named by Selling Power for the third time in a row as one of its Leading Sales Consultants 2022. Selling Power also recognized SalesFuel for the fourth year in a row as one of the Top 5 Sales Enablement Vendors in 2022. Selling Power names its consultants

May 12, 2022

SalesFuel announces the launch of SalesCred®, the new, free self-​​discovery app for salespeople who need to build sales credibility with accounts and prospects. The app is now available in both the Apple App Store and in Google Play.  SalesCred fills a need for sales reps who want to improve their skills early in their careers and proven performers who want to sharpen their skills and push into the next level. SalesCred creator, book author and SalesFuel CEO, C. Lee Smith, says

April 22, 2022

SalesFuel®, which has provided sales teams with the power to “Sell Smarter®” since 1989, is proud to announce the appointment of Austin Richards as Director of Enterprise Sales.  Based in Dallas, Richards will focus on selling AdMall® , which provides tactical business intelligence for local marketing and media sales. In addition, the new TeamTrait™ software is also part of his sales responsibilities. TeamTrait uses psychometric assessments to analyze the behavioral traits and business

January 19, 2022

Leading sales research firm SalesFuel announces TeamTrait, which deploys cloud-​​based psychometric assessments to identify Professional Mindset Traits and help companies evaluate and hire candidates, optimize teams and retain top talent. Used as pre-​​hire assessments, TeamTrait provides hiring managers with the opportunity to identify a candidate’s behavioral traits, motivators and how they think. As post-​​hire assessments, TeamTrait helps managers assess team fit, identify development

January 7, 2022

Leading sales research firm SalesFuel®, which provides sales teams with the power to “Sell Smarter®” since 1989, has promoted Paul Mascari to President, effective immediately.  As President, Paul heads the Product Group and is responsible for information technology, infrastructure, research, data management and app development. “Paul has not only played an instrumental role to the conception and development of SalesFuel’s portfolio of SaaS products, he has been a business partner