December 10, 2019

Doctors to Promote Insurance and Expertise

Kyruus announced findings from its third annual survey of 1,000 health care consumers focused on their decision-making processes and preferences when it comes to determining where and from whom to obtain care. The findings show that consumers are becoming increasingly self-empowered when evaluating their care options and that they continue to rank convenience and speed of access highly in their decisions.

December 9, 2019

Listing Artwork Prices Online Can Boast Sales

"This year is on track be another record-breaker for online spending and mobile shopping. Mike Steib, CEO of Artsy, says those online spenders are reaching for their phones not just to buy clothes or groceries, but to buy works of fine art, some costing six figures or more, reports Forbes."

December 8, 2019

Manage Smarter 99: Reduce Self-Sabotage by Rewiring Your Brain

Tiffany Toombs is a mindset coach who specializes in helping people rewire their brains to overcome self sabotage and limiting beliefs; allowing them to experience success in every area of life. In this episode, we discuss: How to overcome self-sabotage; The role our parents play in the creation of limiting beliefs; and How to rewire your mind to lead to happier, more fulfilling work and personal lives.