Sep­tem­ber 16, 2019

More Consumers are Buying Their Car Accessories Online

"Online dol­lar sales of auto­mo­tive acces­sories — includ­ing appear­ance acces­sories, car­go man­age­ment, exte­ri­or acces­sories, inte­ri­or acces­sories, tow­ing & hitch, and tire & wheel acces­sories — grew by 26% in the 12 months end­ing April 2019, accord­ing to The NPD Group's Check­out E‑commerce Track­ing. Addi­tion­al­ly, 34% of online dol­lar vol­ume dur­ing the same time peri­od result­ed from sales with­in these six acces­so­ry cat­e­gories."

Sep­tem­ber 15, 2019

Manage Smarter 87: Being an Honest Broker of Information

Jan Allen is an Exec­u­tive Coach and Life Strate­gist, as well as co-managing part­ner of Busi­ness of Peo­ple. She pre­vi­ous­ly served in an exec­u­tive role for two Ohio gov­er­nors. In this episode, we dis­cuss: The con­cept of an hon­est bro­ker and it's val­ue; why YOU as a leader want to vet and make sure your crit­i­cal staffers are hon­est bro­kers; how the con­cept is crit­i­cal to being a bet­ter leader; tips for build­ing team rela­tion­ships vs. dis­ci­pline.