October 15, 2021

As the year comes to an end, and the realities of living during a pandemic era settle in, advertising dollars spent in the first half of 2021 have seen an incredible 32% growth year over year to $130 billion. And according to a new report from Magna, a media investment and a leading global media investment and intelligence company, 2022 is poised to see an even bigger increase in U.S. ad spending, reaching over $300 billion.

Faster Sales
October 14, 2021

Speed tends to be the name of the game in sales. The faster you make a sale, the quicker you earn that sale’s commission and can move on to the next prospect in your sales funnel. Faster sales mean more money. The problem is, how can you speed up the sales process without getting sloppy or pushy?

Q&A sessions
October 13, 2021

Post-​presentation Q&A sessions are a fantastic way to help your audience understand more fully the information you presented, as well as encourage engagement and discussion, which helps with building rapport and credibility. Unfortunately, not every salesperson will take the time following a presentation to do a thoughtful session. 

October 12, 2021

Nearly half of media sales representatives in a fresh new survey expect their forecasted local-​​direct sales revenue will finish 2021 “significantly higher” than in 2020. Recruiting/​​employment (63%) and entertainment (45%) are seen as leading growth sectors.  Much like their advertisers, recruiting presents a major challenge for media companies, especially when it pertains to the sales department. 78% of all respondents say that hiring high-​​quality salespeople is proving significantly harder than in previous years – a view that jumped to nearly 88% for digital* respondents. These are some of the highlights of the annual State of Media Sales™ survey conducted by leading sales intelligence firm SalesFuel. You can download our free infographic with more results here: https://​salesfuel​.com/​s​oms “Media companies, like many other industries, are finding their current process for hiring salespeople is outdated, which puts them at a disadvantage in today’s labor shortage,” says SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith. “It’s also time to consider expanding your candidate pool beyond those currently in sales to others …

October 11, 2021

The stories are all over the internet. The 2021 holiday shopping season is going to be unlike any we’ve seen before. We’ve already written many stories this season about consumer spending plans. Whether it’s supply chain shortages, or companies struggling to find employees, or advertisers struggling to come up with digital advertising solutions, there are more questions than answers at this point. However, according to Salesforce, one solution for advertisers this holiday season would be to evolve the in-​store shopping experience for consumers.

October 8, 2021

With Q4 officially here, it means automotive companies need to start pushing their 2021 inventory out the door to make way for the new 2022 models. It’s about time to start hearing the usual auto industry slogans like “December to Remember,” “Year-​end Sales Event,” or something to that effect. With the used car market seeing record growth, and the new car market looking strong, it’s a great time to reach out to your auto industry advertisers and help them end the year strong. With Deloitte’s 2021 Global Automotive Consumer Study now available, you’ll be able to do just that.

October 4, 2021

With less than three months left in the year, the holiday season is well under way. While many consumers are getting their Halloween decorations just right, they’re also planning for a massive spending increase from the last holiday season. Coming after a year of shutdowns and social distancing, consumers are headed back into stores and are ready to spend. According to a new Roku and Harris Poll, one in three holiday shoppers expects to increase their spending this holiday season, the highest number since the survey’s creation.

buyer-first selling
October 4, 2021

The phrase “buyer-​first selling” is likely one you’ve heard; we’ve even discussed it here on Media Sales Today. This sales concept is gaining traction in the industry as more reps embrace the buyer-​first mentality. But, it’s important that sellers effectively put this into action, and here lies the challenge. Sellers may think they are practicing buyer-​first selling, but there’s disconnect with buyers.

October 1, 2021

Let’s say it’s Monday morning and you’re getting back to your office after a nice weekend that included a win by your favorite sports team and you’re feeling good about life. You sit at your desk and play a podcast recapping your team’s win and it starts with an advertisement. Maybe it’s about a food delivery service, or a comfortable clothing brand or an innovative home security system. Whatever it may be, it’s enticing, and according to a new study conducted by NCSolutions, more than likely, you’re going to end up purchasing something you hear about from podcast advertising.