Trouble Meeting A Quota? Level Up Your Strategy With Some Videos

BY Jessica Helinski
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If you’re having trouble meeting a quota, it may be time to add something new to your sales strategy. Creating and sharing videos may give you the extra edge you need to connect with, and win over, buyers. Emailing even a short video can have a big impact on a prospect.

In fact, HubSpot’s Nick Feeney says that being comfortable making videos is the soft skill he recommends new sellers develop. 

Recording practice videos (then replaying them back…) is a great way to improve your pitch,” he writes.

He believes that video has the power to connect with buyers through storytelling. It also demonstrates authenticity and can add a personal touch to a digital outreach. 

Boost chances of meeting a quota by using video

There’s opportunity for sellers to strategically use video throughout their sales process. Feeney believes that there are clear opportune moments to share a video with a prospect. And doing so leads to big benefits. 

As he explains, “[videos] help you get more engagement on outreach, open more opportunities, and close deals faster.”

But, he notes, the key is knowing when to share them to maximize those benefits. Feeney suggests that sellers shouldn’t be afraid to kickstart a cold outreach with a video. This tactic may seem bold but it will definitely grab attention more than a plain cold email. 

Why? Because video allows prospects to “[hear] a real person introduce themselves, answer questions, and share excitement about a solution.”

They simply won’t get that human touch in a basic email. Being personable in an email can be hard, especially when it's coming from someone they’ve never even met. Plus, a video message is more likely to trigger their curiosity and interest.

Anna Czechowska, writing for UScreen, has some tips, too, for making sure those cold-​email videos have maximum impact. 

Your video needs to be prominent, above the fold, and obviously clickable to play,” she suggests. 

She recommends that videos are short, no longer than three minutes. And she says that sellers need to deliver a big impact in that small amount of time. 

You need to give your audience enough information…so that they’ll click through to find out more.”

Keep momentum going

Boost your chances of meeting a quota by ensuring the momentum continues post-​meeting. You can do this by using video, according to Feeney. 

A five-​minute recap and next steps video is a powerful way to demonstrate that you’re a trusted partner and collaborator.”

Specifically, he recommends highlighting three details that you heard from the prospect. Then, identify three ways in which your solution can directly impact those three things. Include any clarifying questions you may have.

And most importantly, explain the next steps. This can be a reminder for a scheduled next meeting. Or it can be a direct call to action. Just make sure you talk about a shared plan for the future. 

Not sure how to craft a call to action that gets answered? SalesFuel suggests the following for your end-​of-​email message: 

  • Pose it as a question
  • Keep it thoughtful and simple (no jargon)
  • Make it hard to say no to
  • Ensure it’s value-backed

Keep in mind that for video, it’s especially important to include interactive elements. For example, adding clickable links that are compatible with different types of devices. You want the video to not only be valuable but also easy to engage with. 

Sellers looking to leverage drive rates of meeting a quota should seriously consider video. Leveraging short, value-​packed video in email outreaches can increase both interest and engagement. 

And for easy advice on creating videos, take a look at these best practices. These tips ensure you’re making content that is high quality and aligns with what connects best with buyers.

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