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Win New Legal Services Clients and Earn More Referrals.

Be seen as their go-​to attorney by demonstrating impeccable credibility before they even meet you.

Today’s business owners can’t keep track of the latest changes to the law. A simple mistake means they might end up facing a lawsuit over taxes. Or they could be faced with a claim from a disgruntled employee who refuses to enter mediation.

As you search for new clients, prospects may already be looking for legal expertise. 13% of businesses we surveyed report that they intend to hire legal help this year. They may be willing to hire on a retainer or a fee-​for-​service basis.

How do you show up for prospective clients who don't know you?

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If you want to win more new clients and have existing clients refer you to others, then you need to check out SalesCred® PRO.

How SalesCred PRO can help you transform your client list for legal services…

If you want your legal services business to be visible to prospects who need assistance, you must maintain an online presence. Clio recommends regularly sharing relevant, valuable content. And we agree.

SalesCred PRO’s industry-​specific digital credibility scoring tool reports the digital score for your business development team. In addition, the tool indicates how to improve your LinkedIn profile and those of your team members.

How can you become known as the go-​to resource for their legal services? You must leverage the secret power of credibility first.

Build Credibility Earn Trust Win Clients.

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Make a positive first impression as a trusted expert.

How do new prospects make the decision regarding who to hire as a new legal services provider? For 55% of these buyers, “demonstrated leadership in the field” is a key selection detail. 53% want to see experience with clients in their line of business. The same percentage also conducts online research.

Have you and your business development team posted sufficient online content and properly set up your LinkedIn profiles? You'll know when you use SalesCred PRO's Digital CredCheck™. This tool shows your salespeople their digital score and coaches them on improving it.

SalesCred PRO’s Daily Dashboard makes it easy to stay top-​of-​mind with your most valuable clients. You'll celebrate their successes and stay on top of what's going on in their company in seconds.

Get the fair-​unfair advantage to win the clients you want most.

Each prospect operates in a unique environment. While they will rely on your  knowledge of the law and your winning track record, you can also impress them by touting what you know about their line of business.

In your first consultation, sharing the latest trends you've read, new research about their likely customers and the questions you get from similar clients will boost your chances of winning a new client.

SalesCred PRO can help. When your team accesses the real-​time pre-​meeting research data, they gain an advantage over the competition.

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Don't just be their lawyer, become their trusted business advisor.

To retain clients, you must understand the unique business conditions in their industries. They may operate a SaaS platform or be a leader in the equipment rental and leasing vertical.

You can be of service to your clients, even when they don't have a pressing need for legal services, by regularly sharing relevant trade articles and other information they haven't seen.

This action provides the perfect opportunity to suggest modifications to their business contracts, ensuring they operate within legal guidelines.

Earn the reputation you deserve as one of the most credible firms in this space.

Contact our strategists to discuss the best approach to optimize your team’s credibility and start winning your prospect's trust faster.