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There are plenty of bad salespeople out there. And their past actions have caused buyers to distrust you automatically before they get to know you. The climb is even steeper if you have limited experience serving their industry. That's why we created the SalesCred mobile app.

Our free app was created for those new to the industry — and those who are finding what's always worked isn't working as well now. It's also great for founders and solo practitioners.

With regular use, the SalesCred mobile app builds your sales credibility with prospects and multiplies opportunities to earn their trust.

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Build your sales credibility and business acumen every day.

Your credibility is your currency. Invest in it by developing your business acumen and consultative sales skills every day.

The SalesCred app provides daily CredTips™ based on your sales role from C. Lee Smith, author of the international bestselling sales book "SalesCred: How Buyers Qualify Sellers." It also includes previously unpublished research and new credibility-​building insights for today's seller.

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Improve your soft skills to elevate your influence.

Improve your sales relationships, one meaningful interaction at a time. Answer 2 questions about yourself and the SalesCred mobile app will add soft skills guidance to your CredTips™ — just for your personality.

Show the proper level of empathy, improve your social awareness, and play to your natural strengths, so you can forge deeper connections and foster long-​term relationships.

Stand apart with insight from leading sales consultants.

Learn new tricks of the trade from leading sales consultants. CredTalk videos are 90-​second "microcasts" that feature one question on sales credibility. Each episode is hosted by the author of SalesCred: How Buyers Qualify Sellers.

The newest episodes of CredTalk are available first in the SalesCred mobile app.

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