Credibility Building Tool for Financial Services Providers

Attract the high value clients you want and grow their accounts.

Be seen as the trusted and helpful financial services provider by demonstrating impeccable credibility.

McKinsey reports that the financial services industry is poised to grow enormously from now through 2028.

Whether you’re a fintech, a commercial lender, or selling insurance, you must demonstrate that clients can trust you. Prospects want to know that their investment in you reduces risk. They are in business to make money, not lose it.

Prospects must see that you are a known expert with an unquestionable reputation to succeed in this industry. These businesses continue to face disintermediation as competitors rise and show their clients new ways to invest or buy insurance.

They seek partners who understand industry changes and can help optimize outcomes.

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If you want to win more new clients and have existing accounts refer you to others, then you need to check out SalesCred® PRO.

How SalesCred PRO can help you succeed with financial services clients…

It's not about how much you believe in your team’s credibility. It's about how much your clients and prospects believe in you. SalesCred PRO can enable them to perceive you and your company as people who know what they're talking about and know how to help.

Business owners, private banking customers and fintech clients all want to use financial services providers who provide them the flexibility and opportunities to grow. When they see a proven track record, both online and in-​person, you will take on bigger clients and keep them for life. In addition, you will also secure greater profitability for your company.

How can your firm become known as the go-​to financial services provider for people like them? You must leverage the secret power of credibility first.

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Make a positive first impression by being the go-​to source of data and solutions.

Our proprietary research on business insurance buyers, for example, reveals that nearly 30% qualify prospects by reviewing their social media postings. In addition, 52% of these buyers want to do business with sellers that are leaders in their field.

Today’s industry buyers spend plenty of time on social sites like LinkedIn to track industry developments. So, your prospects notice when you post articles, research, and notes on LinkedIn.

What they find online about you, your financial services company, and your team members determines whether they will move deeper into the sales funnel. SalesCred PRO’s Digital CredCheck™ shows each member of the team their digital score and coaches them on improving it.

Get the fair-​unfair advantage to win high value clients.

As an expert, you must offer information your prospects don’t have. Whether it’s the latest trend in how fintech reduces expenses or the shift to escape clauses in commercial leasing, you need to be in the know. Your financial service team can use SalesCred PRO’s real-​time pre-​sales research to stay current with the trends in your prospects’ industries.

Mentioning these data points in meetings can give your sales team a competitive edge and help to close the deal.

SalesCred PRO's AI-​powered Say It Better tool will help you improve your communications with prospects. Even better, the tool coaches you on what to say based on the observed personality of the prospect.

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Grow their account by being their trusted business advisor.

These days, it's not enough to tout the show-​stopping features of your latest tools and offerings. You must show how it integrates with your clients' other tools. These vendors could be your frenemies or your competitors.

And like you, your business clients want to stay ahead of their competition. This is an opportunity for you to increase your stock as a trusted business advisor by alerting them to important trends or CI they might have missed.

To retain clients, monitor the developments of targeted businesses using SalesCred PRO’s on-​demand Competitive Intel tool. You can utilize the latest market knowledge in your client communications by instantly tracking other companies' websites and content updates.

Earn the sterling reputation that your financial services clients are seeking.

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